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Benefits to EPA and the Public

Grants.gov provides significant quantitative and qualitative benefits to the grants community and Federal grant-making agencies. The Grants.gov system solution serves as a trusted broker between applicants and agencies, allowing applicants to do business with all agencies with a single registration on Grants.gov, thus alleviating the inefficiency associated with many independent and disjointed lines of communication. Grants.gov's Find and Apply mechanisms were developed and deployed as a government-wide solution to eliminate the need for each Federal agency to develop similar systems. By using the most effective combinations of existing technology the system is designed to be cheaper, faster and easier to use than older methods.

Government/Federal Agency Benefits:

Grant Applicant Benefits:

Grants.gov is the single source to find and apply for Federal government-wide competitive grant opportunities. Grants.gov is making it faster, easier and more cost effective for grant applicants to electronically interact with Federal grant making agencies by providing six key benefits, among many others, to the grant community.

1. Helping the grant community learn more about available opportunities

2. Facilitating interaction with the Federal government

3. Simplifying the grant application process to save applicants costs, time and hassle

4. Making it easier to research and find Federal grant opportunities

5. Making electronic grant application processing easier

6. Providing a secure and reliable source to apply for Federal grants

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