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IGMS EAPPLY Database Workflow

A. From EAPPLY to Work Plans & Applications (W&A) Database

A draft application document is generated by the system in the IGMS EAPPLY database when IGMS receives notice of a pending CDX Transaction and a subsequent Web Services call retrieves and processes the application data.

From this initial entry in the database, the document moves through an informally-documented evaluation that determines whether the application is a competition winner, Earmark, or non competitive opportunity. Documents that are selected for funding will proceed through the EAPPLY workflow and eventually generate a new draft application in the W&A database.

In the future, IGMS EAPPLY will interface with a Solicitation database that will maintain basic information about each grant solicitation. The data from this database will document solicitations that are available through the Grants.gov portal.

B. EAPPLY Document Review

Editorship and Review of an EAPPLY Document

Currently, until the Solicitation database is implemented, the initial Editor and Delegate of every document generated by the import process will be an assigned default from designated OGD staff. Currently, those defaults are Dennis Finney (Editor) and Betty McClaugherty (Delegate). OGD staff members will receive editorship of the Draft EAPPLY document, select appropriate Program Office staff, and move the document to its next phase.

The Program Office staff will conduct programmatic and funding review of the submitted applications and, where applicable, assess whether a particular application qualifies as a competition winner. Program Office editors with responsibility for any particular application will coordinate staff evaluation of EAPPLY documents externally since there is no formal automated Review process within the database.

Given that all members of the IGMS community have READ access to all EAPPLY documents, an individual asked to assess an application may submit a Comment document to record the results of their evaluation as well as provide an electronic audit trail of the decision. Based on the results of the evaluation process, the Program Office will select competition winners, select a Grant Coordinator, and move the document to the next workflow phase.

A winning application becomes visible to the selected Grant Coordinator in the Awarding Region. This Coordinator will assume responsibility for the application, apply IGMS-specific corrections to the data, assign a Grant Specialist, grant number, and Program Code, and move the document to the Final phase.

The assigned Grant Specialist becomes the editor of the Final EAPPLY document. Final competition winners will automatically generate an application in the W&A database.

EAPPLY database documents that are not explicitly selected as competition winners will be moved to a Rejected phase when the Close of Competition date has passed. Program Office editors may also Reject the application.
Integration with Solicitation Database

In the future, a Solicitation database will be integrated into the IGMS/Grants.gov process.

The purpose of this database will be to record the details of Agency grant solicitations prior to submission of the grant opportunity to Grants.gov. In addition to logging basic information pertinent to the grant, the database will also provide for the selection of allowable editors of the related EAPPLY documents in both the Program and Grant Coordinator phases. Staff creating Solicitation documents will select Program Office editors for the Draft application document.

When an EAPPLY document is created, the automated process will reference the related Solicitation document by its Solicitation Number and pull forward the selected editors.

The OGD editor defaults used in the Prototype version will no longer be applied to new EAPPLY documents. In this pull forward process, other related fields may also be inherited from the solicitation document.

Grant Coordinator Review Phase

In the Grant Coordinator review phase, the document editor will attempt to synchronize values entered in the Grants.gov application with established standards in IGMS. In this manner, selected winning applications will be prepped to include at least the minimum fields required by W&A for a document Save. However, since the EAPPLY database does not include any field level edits against the raw data, some data entries may generate validation errors in the resulting W&A application. The Grant Specialist editing the W&A application will be required to resolve any of these inherited errors.

Once the draft application is added to W&A, the GS will conduct the semi-electronic process workflow as it currently exists within IGMS.

Document movement from W&A through Awards will not change as a result of implementing the Grants.gov interface.

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