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How EPA Receives Application Packages Submitted to Grants.gov

A. Retrieving Application Packages from Grants.gov

The EPA established the Central Data Exchange (CDX) as the single point of entry into the Agency for environmental data. CDX receives data in either paper or electronic form, performs security and archiving functions, validates data, accomplishes format conversions, and distributes the data to the appropriate EPA Agency system.

Under this Agency-wide charter, CDX will retrieve applications submitted through Grants.gov using Web Services to bring a packaged application file into the Agency. Each application, comprised of several individual files, will be packaged and retrieved as a single ZIP file. CDX will assign a unique Transaction ID to each package and create an "audit trail" archive by storing the application on a CDX server. However, CDX will not UNZIP the application package.

An applicant logs onto Grants.gov Apply to enter and submit a grant application to the portal. Pending applications waiting for Agency distribution are retrieved from the Grants.gov server through Web Services calls conducting system to system dialogue. One Web Services call will return a list of documents that have not been processed and are waiting for retrieval. A subsequent Web Services call will then retrieve one package at a time from the Grants.gov server until all pending packages have been received. The application files are stored in the CDX database and assigned a Transaction ID.

CDX then provides notification to IGMS that an application has been received by the Agency sending a formatted email message containing the Transaction ID and Document Name to an IGMS mail-in database.

B. Distributing Application Data to IGMS

The IGMS mail-in database will receive a separate email message, containing the Transaction ID and Document Name, for each application package received by CDX. This information will be used as an input parameter to a Web Services call invoked from IGMS to retrieve the application ZIP file from the CDX server. A DOS batch file executed by the retrieval agent will UNZIP the application package into its component files. Among the contents of the package will be an XML file that contains the data that had been entered into Grants.gov. An XML Parser will translate the contents of the XML file into fields within the new IGMS EAPPLY database document. Each application received from CDX will result in the generation of a new document in the IGMS EAPPLY database with the original ZIP file containing each of the component files stored as an attachment.

When the Application has been successfully loaded into the EAPPLY database, a "Completed" status notification is sent back to CDX. If the application could not be loaded, a "Failed" notification status is sent back to CDX. When CDX receives a "Completed" status notification, it returns a status back to Grants.gov that EPA has received the application package.

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