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Grants Management Training Materials for Tribal Organizations

EPA’s Office of Grants and Debarment (OGD) worked with the national Partnership for Environmental Technology Education (NPETE) to develop training materials. While OGD is no longer able to offer in-person trainings, the training materials, including the training manuals and webinar recordings, are available for download below.

Learning Modules

Please be patient as many of these are large files that may take a long time to download.

Introduction to Tribal Administrative and Financial Guidance for Assistance Agreements

Module 1: How It All Starts: The Grant Application Process

Module 2: Assistance Agreements

Module 3: Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act

Module 4: Grants Management Systems

Module 5: Administrative System Components

Module 6: Financial System Requirements

Module 7: Accounting Policies and Procedures

Module 8: Source Documentation for Procurement and Purchasing

Module 9: Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs)

Module 10: Assistance Agreement Monitoring and Closeout

Download the entire "Learner Manual: Tribal Administrative and Financial Guidance for Assistance Agreements"

Download the Activities Booklet, which contains the activities that go along with each Module of the training manual

Appendix: Tribal Administrative and Financial Guidance for Assistance Agreements

Accounting Fundamentals for Non-Accountants

The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction and overview of accounting fundamentals for non-accountants. The module also covers important topics such as communication, internal controls, documentation and recordkeeping, records retention and being prepared for a federal audit.

Accounting Module Download

Webinar Recordings
to become available soon

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Modules 6-7

Module 8

Module 9

Module 10

Please note that Module 5 is not available for download


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