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Part 1 - Applying for a Grant

Reviewing Solicitations

When you select a particular solicitation on http://www.grants.gov Exit EPA Disclaimer, it will look like this:


This document is a synopsis and, within it, you will find a “Link to the Full Announcement”. Click on this link to determine whether the funding opportunity you are reviewing is consistent with the expertise, interests, and mission of your organization.

The announcement explains in detail the information you will have to assemble to respond to the solicitation. The requirements that apply to EPA and establish the requirements for the contents of a full solicitation are found at:

http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/fedreg/062303policy_directive.pdfExit EPA Disclaimer

In some cases you will be required to submit all forms and documents with your response to the solicitation and in others you may be required to submit only your proposal (or statement of work) and the Applications for Federal Assistance (SF-424) .

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