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Public Notice Templates

To help water suppliers provide timely and complete public notices to their customers in the event of a violation, we are providing the templates below.

The templates are taken from EPA's Public Notification Handbook , which contains extensive information about how to provide effective public notice. Some states may categorize violations differently, or may have additional requirements for the wording of the notice, so please check with the state before using any of these templates.

Violation type File type
Tier 1
  • Nitrate Notice
  • Spanish Nitrate Notice
  • Fecal Coliform or E. Coli Notice
  • Spanish Fecal Coliform or E. Coli Notice
  • Waterborne Disease Outbreak Notice
  • Notice for Turbidity Single Exceedance as Tier 1
  • Chlorine Dioxide MRDL (Tier 1) Notice
  • Tier 1 "Problem Corrected" Notice

Microsoft Word (87K)

Tier 2
  • Unresolved Total Coliform Notice
  • Resolved Total Coliform Notice
  • Chemical or Radiological MCLs Notice
  • Fluoride MCL Notice
  • SWTR Failure to Filter Notice
  • SWTR Turbidity Exceedance Notice
  • SWTR Disinfection Treatment Notices
  • LCR Failure to Install Corrosion Control

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Tier 3
  • Monitoring Violations Annual Notice
  • Fluoride SMCL Notice

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For non-community systems
  • Nitrate Notice
  • Fecal Coliform or E. coli Notice
  • Unresolved Total Coliform Notice
  • Monitoring Violation Notice

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Translated Phrases
in Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean:
  • This report contains important information:
  • Don't drinking the water
  • Boil your water before using
  • Don't use this water for infant formula

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