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This one-stop EPA site provides information about drinking water quality in schools and child care facilities.  Ensuring drinking water quality at these facilities is important because that’s where children spend their day, and they are likely to drink water while they are there. Consuming enough fluids on a daily basis is important for children’s health. Water is a great choice because:

The current focus of this page is on lead in drinking water in schools and child care facilities.  However, this page will be updated over time to address other issues associated with drinking water quality in these facilities.  This website will provide you with information about the sources of lead in drinking water, guidance materials to assist with testing for lead in drinking water, and information on the laws and regulations concerning lead in drinking water.

New Information

Schools that are regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act can find new information to assist with compliance with the arsenic standard.

Visit the Guidance & Tools page.

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