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United States Environmental Protection Agency
Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule 1 (UCMR 1)
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Water Systems
Participating in drinking water unregulated contaminant monitoring

In accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1996, EPA has revised its program that collects data on contaminants that it may need to regulate in the future. All large public water systems (serving more than 10,000 people) and a random selection of small public water systems (serving 10,000 or fewer people) will participate in Assessment Monitoring for List 1 contaminants.

EPA selected, using a random selection process, large and small systems to also participate in Screening Surveys for List 2 contaminants. The List 2 contaminants are being split into two Screening Surveys. Selected small systems will analyze Screening Survey for List 2 chemical contaminants in 2001, while selected large systems will analyze Screening Survey for List 2 chemical contaminants in 2002. A separate selection of both large and small systems will analyze for Screening Survey List 2 Aeromonas in 2003. No system will be required to participate in both Screening Surveys. If a system is selected to take samples for List 2 contaminants, they will either do chemical monitoring or Aeromonas monitoring.

Fact Sheets detailing Screening Survey monitoring are available for Large and Small systems.


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