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Reporting Forms

Reporting forms, known as the 7520 forms (for their Office of Management and Budget number), are how EPA and primacy states collect and report the information they need to determine whether injection wells are operating properly and protecting public health. This page provides links to the UIC Program’s reporting forms.

The UIC Program reporting forms are available for download below. Each file includes instructions for completing the form.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Regional and State Summary Forms

Form Number Form Name Explanation
7520-1 Part I: Permit Review and Issuance/Wells in the Area of Review (PDF) (2 pp, 116K) None
7520-2A Part II: Compliance Evaluation (PDF) (2 pp, 119K) None
7520-2B Part II: Compliance Evaluation - Significant Noncompliance (PDF) (2 pp, 125K) None
7520-3 Part III: Inspections - Mechanical Integrity Testing (PDF) (2 pp, 161K) None
7520-4 Part IV: Quarterly Exceptions List (PDF) (2 pp, 249K) None
7520-5 Part V: Summary of UIC Grant Utilization (PDF) (2 pp, 56K) None

Additional Forms

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Owner/Operator UIC Program Forms

Form Number Form Name Explanation
7520-6 Permit Application (PDF) (6 pp, 100K) None
7520-7 Application to Transfer Permit (PDF) (2 pp, 54K) None
7520-8 Injection Well Monitoring Report (PDF) (2 pp, 71K) None
7520-9 Completion Form For Injection Wells (PDF) (2 pp, 59K) None
7520-10 Completion Report For Brine Disposal, Hydrocarbon Storage, or Enhanced Recovery (PDF) (2 pp, 81K) None
7520-11 Annual Disposal/Injection Well Monitoring Report (PDF) (2 pp, 77K) None
7520-12 Well Rework Record (PDF) (2 pp, 84K) None
7520-14 Plugging and Abandonment Plan (PDF) (2 pp, 92K) None
7520-16 Inventory of Injection Wells (PDF) (3 pp, 109K) None
7520-17 Pre-closure notification form (PDF) (114 pp, 611K) None

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