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AAPI Outreach Strategy

cover of AAPI Outreach StrategyThis AAPI Outreach Strategy is designed to help EPA managers address the needs of AAPI communities through environmental health and other outreach efforts. It also informs AAPI communities about the many activities undertaken by EPA. A list of EPA available community grants is also included.

To download the electronic version of the AAPI Outreach Strategy
booklet, click on the PDF document available below.

To order hard copies of the AAPI Outreach Strategy booklet, contact
the National Service Center for Environmental Information.

Section Title Includes
Part 1 AAPI Outreach Strategy [PDF, 16 pp., 1.7M] Front cover
Table of contents
Outreach strategy
Language translation
EPA regional map
AAPI website
EPA Community grants
Back cover
Part 2 AAPI Outreach Strategy for Community Partnerships [PDF, 16 pp., 2.8M] Front and back cover
Community partnerships section
Part 3 AAPI Outreach Strategy for Economic Opportunities [PDF, 6 pp., 1.1M] Front and back cover
Economic opportunities section
Part 4 AAPI Outreach Strategy for Education [PDF, 8 pp., 1.2M] Front and back cover
Education section
Part 5 AAPI Outreach Strategy for Employment [PDF, 6 pp., 1.1M] Front and back cover
Employment section
Complete Document: AAPI Outreach Strategy [PDF, 44 pp., 3.3M] All Sections


You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

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