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About the Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) provides supervision and direction to, and serves as the steward for the Agency’s human resource programs, organizational services, and other designated management activities. OHR performs the following functions:

Human Resources Programs: OHR is responsible for policies, procedure, program development, and implementation of the full spectrum of EPA’s human resources functions and programs, and employees services.

Organizational Services: OHR is responsible for developing, promoting, and implementing improved principles, standards, policies, procedures, services, and systems governing the overall organization and workforce of the Agency, as well as managing the Agency’s system for establishing internal Agency-wide policies and procedures, also known as “directives.”

Management Activities: OHR is responsible for providing advice, guidance, and support to Agency-wide initiatives, issues, and priorities, including but not limited to: Cultural Diversity and Reinvention. It’s also responsible for providing support to Agency-wide and interagency councils and committees, and serving as EPA’s liaison in interagency management improvement initiatives. OHR is also responsible for the assessment/evaluation/review of the effectiveness of human resource and workforce functions, programs, and activities; of organizational structures and the associated functions, programs and activities.

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