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Action Learning Teams

Action Learning Teams (ALTs) are a new component of the Presidential Management Fellow experience. They are designed to offer the participants a vehicle to support growth in leadership and teamwork at the federal level. Fellows organize themselves into small groups around a particular project and with the guidance of a management sponsor, produce a deliverable product such as a report, a program, or a strategy. ALTs are officially comprised of six different elements described below.

Action Learning Teams can either be created by an existing group of Fellows, or through a proposal by a management sponsor. Both methods of formation require a sponsor to assist in defining the project and to whom the deliverable product will be presented. Presidential Management Fellows alumni who have risen to management positions are a good place to start for groups wishing to find a sponsor. The EPA Presidential Management Fellows graduate section supplies contact information of alumni.

For more in depth information concerning Action Learning Teams, go to the Office of Personnel Management's Action Learning Team site. Exit EPA disclaimer

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