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Information for Finalists and Current Fellows

What to know to be successful as a Presidential Management Fellow (PMF) at EPA


PMFs at the EPA have additional opportunities beyond their regular job, including rotations, training sessions, and Action Learning Teams. Your home office within the Agency plays a primary role in your professional development, particularly in offering training and other professional development opportunities. Contact your office’s human resources department for information on training opportunities. Below you can find more information on rotations and action learning teams, which are both important aspects of your PMF experience at EPA.


During your first year as a Presidential Management Fellow, you are likely to have many questions about your individual position, and where to go to get information specific to PMFs. OPM has made it mandatory that PMFs create and keep up to date an Individual Development Plan (IDP). This is a personal document that records accomplishments and future goals to keep the Presidential Management Fellow actively on track. However, as a new PMF you may not be sure what your track is. The best information available for PMFs who are not sure of their goals or what is available to them is from a mentor or a PMF graduate. This person may be both, but mentors who were not PMFs are available and more than willing to assist you with questions.

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