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Mentoring is a process, formal or informal, that enables participants to enter into a relationship that facilitates and fosters self-improvement. It is the intentional pairing of an experienced person with a less-experienced person, with the agreed upon goal of having the less-experienced person grow and develop specific competencies. If conducted properly and clearly understood, mentoring will improve the effectiveness of people and the organization where they work. When successful mentoring takes place, a nurturing learning environment develops and becomes part of the overall culture.

Benefits of Mentoring

EPA Presidential Management Fellows that participate in a mentoring relationship will be afforded many benefits, including:

Finding a Mentor at the EPA

A number of former Presidential Management Fellows and current EPA employees have expressed an interest in mentoring new Presidential Management Fellows appointed at the EPA. The contact information for these folks is listed below. Fellows should be sure to carefully consider who might be their best match, and then take the time to contact that person and discuss a potential mentor relationship.

Name Class Office Position
Evarts, Dale 1985 OAR Acting Director/ International Programs Coordinator
Flory, Mark 1985 OA/OCIR State & Local Government Liaison
Kumar, Chitra 2002 OAR Policy Analyst
Levy, Jeffrey 1993 OPA Senior Web Manager
Malm, Sylvia 1983 OW Environmental Protection Specialist
McClendon, Michelle 1992 R2/Office of Policy and Management Management Analyst
Mullins, John 1979 OIG Director/PCIE Liaison
Nickerson, William 2002 OPEI Regulatory Impact Analyst
Peters, Sonia 2002 OSWER Environmental Protection Specialist
Seidner, Marcia 1985 R2 Regional Director
Singelis, Nikos 1988 OW Communications Lead
Snyder, Robin 1992 OAR National Program Outreach Manager
Stahl, Michael 1980 OIA Director
Thatcher, Jennifer 2000 R2 Program Analyst and Innovations Coordinator
Yu, Cynthia 1991 RTP Communication and Outreach Lead

Mentors: If you would like your name removed from this listing, please contact the Presidential Management Fellows coordinator for EPA, Kent Smith (smith.kents@epa.gov).

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