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Rotations at EPA

By participating in a rotation at EPA, Presidential Management Fellows (PMFs) can gain regulatory experience, work in an innovative partnership program, or learn about a program function from another perspective. At EPA, PMFs are highly valued and are often given positions of responsibility resulting in a challenging and engaging experience. The duration of rotations at EPA vary from office to office. PMFs can rotate to offices at headquarters, in regions, and even other federal agencies.

Programmatic Regional
Administrator's Office Region 1: Boston
Air and Radiation Region 2: New York
Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Region 3: Philadelphia
Chief Financial Officer Region 4: Atlanta
General Council Region 5: Chicago
Inspector General Region 6: Dallas
International Affairs Region 7: Kansas City
Environmental Information Region 8: Denver
Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances Region 9:San Francisco
Research and Development Region 10: Seattle
Solid Waste and Emergency Response  

There are two ways that rotations are created for Presidential Management Fellows at EPA. Rotational opportunities can be created internally by EPA executives who seek a PMF to fill a position or participate on a project. These will be posted here at the EPA PMF site or at the Office of Personnel Management Presidential Management Fellows Rotations page. Exit EPA disclaimer

Alternately, if a PMF has interest in a certain office or Region, it is sometimes possible to contact that office and work with the Human Resources department there to link your interests with the correct Branch Chief. You may be able to create a rotation directly with that Branch. If taking this route, PMFs should start by visiting the EPA Organizational Chart.

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