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International Programs

International News Releases

“Pollution doesn’t stop at international borders,
and neither can our environmental and health protections.
The local and national environmental issues of the past are now global challenges.”
Lisa P. Jackson, Former EPA Administrator

EPA’s work to improve air quality, expand access to clean water, and protect vulnerable communities from toxic pollution extends from across North America to nearly 180 nations worldwide. Through collaborative efforts with partners from around the world, EPA is working to facilitate commerce, promote sustainable development, protect vulnerable populations and engage diplomatically around the world.

International Feature

In March 2014, the North American parties to the CEC awarded $1.2 million in grants under the North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action (NAPECA) program. Exit EPA disclaimer These grants will support communities in addressing a wide range of environmental challenges across North America. Six of the 18 grant recipients are from the United States. The grants include efforts to:

  • support wastewater treatment in indigenous communities;
  • promote improved nutrition local communities by developing locally-grown sustainable produce; and
  • protect water quality at beaches in the Tijuana/California border region in the United States.

Learn more about our work with the North American Commission on Environmental Cooperation (CEC)

International Priorities

EPA has a long history of international collaboration on a wide range of global environmental issues.

It is our vision that environmental progress, in cooperation with global partners, can catalyze even greater progress toward protecting our domestic environment.

To advance these goals, EPA has identified the following International Priorities:


Please browse the links above to learn more about EPA's work in each of these priorities.

In Your World

EPA engages with partners around the world to address environmental challenges. Explore some of our work in the map below:
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Basic Information about International Programs For EPA Staff: Remote Access

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