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Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint

International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action
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As a member of the Global Alliance, U.S. EPA participated in the first International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action Exit EPA disclaimer(October 20-26, 2013). During the campaign week, the Global Alliance raised awareness about lead poisoning, highlighted countries' and partners' efforts to prevent childhood lead poisoning, and urged further action to eliminate lead paint.

Examples of activities during the Week of Action: Exit EPA disclaimer

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The U.S. EPA is an active member of the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint (Global Alliance or GAELP) Exit EPA disclaimer, a global partnership to promote the phase-out of the use of lead in paint.

Lead exposure is a well-known source of injury to human health, particularly to the health of children and to workers in lead industries. No level of exposure to lead is considered safe. Children exposed to high levels of lead may experience sensory, motor, cognitive and behavioral impacts, including learning disabilities; attention deficits; disorders in coordination, visual, spatial and language skills; and anemia.

Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action World Map of Activities

Click on the map to find Lead Week Activities that occurred in the United States and around the world! Visit the WHO website for a detailed list of events Exit EPA disclaimer or international outreach materials. Exit EPA disclaimer

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The work of the Global Alliance includes raising awareness of the dangers lead poisoning poses to human health; and helping developing countries build regulations to stop the manufacture, import, sale and use of paints containing lead.


Children at an event in Philippines for the International Lead Poisioining Prevention Week of Action. (October 2013)

  • The overall goal of the partnership is to prevent children’s exposure to lead via paints containing lead and to minimize occupational exposures to lead in paint.
  • The broad objective is to phase out the manufacture and sale of paints containing lead and eventually to eliminate the risks from such paint.

This initiative promotes the implementation of paragraph 57 of the Plan of Implementation of the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development (PDF) Exit EPA disclaimer, which states: to phase out lead in lead-based paint and in other sources of human exposure, work to prevent, in particular, childrens exposure to lead and strengthen monitoring and surveillance efforts and the treatment of lead poisoning.

The Global Alliance is a partnership of Governments, private industries, and NGOs, led by its secretariats, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Health Organization (WHO). It was established at the International Conference on Chemicals Management at its second session (ICCM2) as one initiative to implement the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM). Exit EPA disclaimer

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For additional information on EPA's work with the Global Alliance for Lead in Paint (GAELP), contact:

Hodayah Finman
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of International and Tribal Affairs (2670R)
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20460
E-mail: finman.hodayah@epa.gov
(202) 564-6600

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