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Report Title Date Agency Response IG Comment on Response
EPA Should Update Guidance to Address the Release of Potentially Harmful Quantities of Asbestos That Can Occur Under EPA's Asbestos Demolition Standard
[Full Report PDF - 29pp, 1,205 KB] [At A Glance PDF - 333 KB]
Podcast: Overview with Michael Wilson (MP3 - 3.1 MBs, 4:29), Podcast Transcript
June 16, 2015    
Conditions in the U.S. Virgin Islands Warrant EPA Withdrawing Approval and Taking Over Management of Some Environmental Programs and Improving Oversight of Others
[Report PDF - 17pp, 1,170 KB] [At A Glance PDF - 422 KB]
Podcast: Report Overview with Katie Butler (MP3 - 2.8 MBs, 4:47), Podcast Transcript
April 17, 2015    
EPA Regions Have Considered Environmental Justice When Targeting Facilities for Air Toxics Inspections [Report PDF - 17pp, 996 KB] [At A Glance PDF - 137 KB]
Podcast: Reports Overview with Rich Jones (MP3 - 2.7 MBs, 4:34), Podcast Transcript
Feb 26, 2015    
EPA Needs to Improve Outreach and Communication About the National Pesticide Information Center's Role and Services [Report PDF - 16pp, 344 KB] [At A Glance PDF - 45 KB] Jan 7, 2015    
Enhanced EPA Oversight Needed to Address Risks From Declining Clean Air Act Title V Revenues [Report PDF - 49pp, 1.1 MB] [At A Glance PDF - 195 KB] Oct 20, 2014    
EPA's Alternative Asbestos Control Method Experiments Lacked Effective Oversight and Threatened Human Health [Report PDF - 48pp, 1,284 KB] [At A Glance PDF - 243 KB] Sept 25, 2014    
Audits on EPA Recovery Act-Funded Diesel Emission Reduction Act Assistance Agreements Reported Programmatic and Management Challenges [Report PDF - 17pp, 787 KB] [At A Glance PDF - 136 KB] Sept 15, 2014    
EPA Met or Exceeded Most Internal Climate Change Goals, But Data Quality and Records Management Procedures Need Improvement [Report PDF - 29pp, 1,200 KB] [At a Glance PDF - 137 KB] July 29, 2014    
Improvements Needed in EPA Efforts to Address Methane Emissions From Natural Gas Distribution Pipelines [Report PDF - 37pp, 1,082 KB] [At A Glance PDF - 137 KB]
Podcast: Report Overview with Erica Hauck (MP3 - 3.7 MBs, 5:21), Podcast Transcript
July 25, 2014 PDF - 2pp, 333KB PDF - 1pp, 259KB
Follow-Up Report: EPA Improves Management of Its Radiation Monitoring System [Report PDF - 12pp, 901KB] [At a Glance PDF - 228KB]
Podcast: Report Overview with Christine Baughman (MP3 - 3.8 MBs, 5:24), Podcast Transcript
July 22, 2014    
Chemical Import Data May Help EPA Identify Facilities That Need to File or Update Risk Management Plans [Report PDF - 8pp, 629KB] [At a Glance PDF - 132KB] April 28, 2014    
EPA Needs to Demonstrate Whether It Has Achieved the Goals It Set Under the National Petroleum Refinery Initiative [Report PDF - 46pp, 688KB] [At a Glance PDF - 44KB] April 15, 2014    
Improvements to EPA Policies and Guidance Could Enhance Protection of Human Study Subjects
[Report PDF - 52pp, 1,312KB] [At a Glance PDF - 120KB]
Podcast: Report Overview with Renee McGhee-Lenart (MP3 - 3.9 MBs, 5:41), Podcast Transcript
March 31, 2014    
Unless California Air Resources Board Fully Complies With Laws and Regulations, Emission Reductions and Human Health Benefits Are Unknown [Report PDF - 35pp, 2,039KB] [At a Glance PDF - 46KB] March 6, 2014 PDF - 9pp, 3,570KB PDF - 2pp, 287KB
Audit of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Cooperative Agreement 2A-00E85701 Awarded to the Greater Lansing Area Clean Cities [Report PDF - 24pp, 400KB] [At a Glance PDF - 45KB] January 9, 2014 PDF - 9pp, 437KB PDF - 2pp, 327KB
Early Warning Report: Internal Controls and Management Actions Concerning John C. Beale's Travel [Report PDF - 24pp, 339KB] [At a Glance PDF - 44KB]
Podcast: Report Overview with Vanessa Rodriguez-Moya (MP3 - 4.09 MBs, 4:28), Podcast Transcript
December 11, 2013    
Early Warning Report: Internal Controls and Management Actions Concerning John C. Beale Pay Issues [Report PDF - 29pp, 350KB] [At a Glance PDF - 45KB]
Podcast: Report Overview with John Trefry (MP3 - 3.95 MBs, 4:19), Podcast Transcript
December 11, 2013    
EPA Can Better Document Resolution of Ethics and Partiality Concerns in Managing Clean Air Federal Advisory Committees [Report PDF - 48pp, 384KB] [At a Glance PDF - 84KB] September 11, 2013    
The EPA Should Improve Monitoring of Controls in the Renewable Fuel Standard Program [Report PDF - 23pp, 479KB] [At a Glance PDF - 86KB] September 5, 2013    
Examination of Costs Claimed Under American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Cooperative Agreement 2A-97706701 Awarded to Grace Hill Settlement House, St. Louis, Missouri [Report PDF - 36pp, 321KB] [At a Glance PDF - 44KB]
13-R-0367 Appendix A PDF - 53pp, 409KB
13-R-0367 Appendix B PDF - 11pp, 58KB
August 30, 2013    
Public May Be Making Indoor Mold Cleanup Decisions Based on EPA Tool Developed Only for Research Applications, [Report PDF - 18pp, 221KB] [At a Glance PDF - 44KB] August 22, 2013    
Examination of Costs Claimed Under EPA Cooperative Agreements 2A-96104501 and 2A-96107201 Awarded Under the Recovery Act to Chelsea Collaborative Inc., Chelsea, Massachusetts [Report PDF - 31pp, 952KB] [At a Glance PDF - 45KB] August 22, 2013    
The EPA's Comments Improve the Environmental Impact Statement Process But Verification of Agreed-Upon Actions Is Needed [Report PDF - 17pp, 201KB] [At a Glance PDF - 45KB] August 22, 2013    
Projected Emission Reductions Overstated and Buy American Requirements Not Met Under EPA Award to the Tennessee Department of Transportation [Report PDF - 49pp, 1,596KB] [At a Glance PDF - 45KB] July 19, 2013    
Air Quality Objectives for the Baton Rouge Ozone Nonattainment Area Not Met Under EPA Agreement 2A-96694301 Awarded to the Railroad Research Foundation [Report PDF - 29pp, 265KB] [At a Glance PDF - 43KB] June 20, 2013    
Improvements Needed in EPA Training and Oversight for Risk Management Program Inspections [Report PDF - 37pp, 385KB] [At a Glance PDF - 45KB] March 21, 2013
EPA Needs to Improve Air Emissions Data for the Oil and Natural Gas Production Sector [Report PDF - 42pp, 407KB] [At a Glance PDF - 45KB] February 20, 2013 PDF - 4pp, 654KB PDF - 1pp, 190KB
Results of Technical Network Vulnerability Assessment: EPA’s National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory [Report PDF - 8pp, 158KB] [At a Glance PDF - 44KB] September 27, 2012 PDF - 2pp, 209KB (OAR)
PDF - 3pp, 452KB (OEI)
PDF - 1pp, 150KB (OAR)
PDF - 1pp, 166KB (OEI)
EPA’s Radiation and Indoor Environments National Laboratory Should Improve Its Computer Room Security Controls [Report PDF - 16pp, 181KB] [At a Glance PDF - 43KB] September 21, 2012 PDF - 2pp, 336KB PDF - 1pp, 160KB
Examination of Costs Claimed Under EPA Cooperative Agreement 2A-83440701 Awarded Under the Recovery Act to Cascade Sierra Solutions, Eugene, Oregon, [Report PDF - 72pp, 458KB] [At a Glance PDF - 44KB] September 4, 2012    
EPA Could Improve the SmartWay Transport Partnership Program by Implementing a Direct Data Verification Process, [Report PDF - 24pp, 230KB] [At a Glance PDF - 45KB] August 30, 2012 PDF - 3pp, 628KB PDF - 1pp, 225KB
Weaknesses in EPA’s Management of the Radiation Network System Demand Attention, [Report PDF - 50pp, 574KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 39KB] April 19, 2012 PDF - 1,595KB (Initial)
PDF - 96KB (Second)
PDF - 367KB (Third)
PDF - 367KB (Initial)
PDF - 218KB (Second)
PDF - 261KB (Third)
Early Warning Report: Use of Contractors to Conduct Clean Air Act Risk Management Program Inspections in Certain States Goes Against Court Decisions, Report No. 12-P-0376 [Report PDF - 5pp, 139KB] March 28, 2012
Early Warning Report: Use of Unapproved Asbestos Demolition Methods May Threaten Public Health, Report No. 12-P-0125 [Report PDF - 4pp, 129KB] December 14, 2011 PDF 1pp, 208KB (Initial)
PDF 8pp, 1,500KB (Second)
PDF 2pp, 345KB (Initial)
PDF 1pp, 155 KB (Second)
EPA Must Improve Oversight of State Enforcement, Report No. 12-P-0113 [Report PDF - 79pp, 582KB] [At a Glance PDF - 38KB] December 9, 2011
Procedural Review of EPA's Greenhouse Gases Endangerment Finding Data Quality Processes, Report No. 11-P-0702 [Report PDF - 99pp, 710KB] [At a Glance PDF - 36KB][Inspector General Statement on Greenhouse Gases Endangerment Report]
[Interview of Assistant Inspector General Wade Najjum on Greenhouse Gases Report by Federal News Radio, October 5, 2011]
September 26, 2011 PDF 3pp, 1,485KB PDF 4pp, 655KB
EPA’s Review of Applications for a Water Research Grant Did Not Follow All Review Procedures and Lacked Transparency Report No. 12-P-0864 [Report PDF - 57pp, 487KB] [At a Glance PDF - 45KB] September 25, 2011    
EPA Should Update Its Fees Rule to Recover More Motor Vehicle and Engine Compliance Program Costs, Report No. 11-P-0701 [Report PDF - 32pp, 211KB] [At a Glance PDF - 38KB] September 23, 2011    
EPA's Plan to Reduce Agency Greenhouse Gas Emissions Is on Track to Meet Executive Order 13514 Requirements, Report No. 11-P-0209 [Report PDF - 13pp, 204KB] [At a Glance PDF - 38KB] April 12, 2011 PDF - 2pp, 279KB PDF - 3pp, 443KB
EPA Needs to Better Document Project Delays for Recovery Act Diesel Emission Reduction Act Grants, Report No. 11-R-0179 [Report PDF - 20pp, 201KB] [At a Glance PDF - 41KB] March 28, 2011    
EPA Should Improve Guidance and Oversight to Ensure Effective Recovery Act-Funded Diesel Emissions Reduction Act Activities, Report No. 11-R-0141 [Report PDF - 32pp, 290KB] [At a Glance PDF - 38KB] March 1, 2011    
ENERGY STAR Label Needs to Assure Superior Energy Conservation Performance, Report No. 11-P-0010 [Report PDF - 37pp, 260KB] [At a Glance PDF - 33KB] October 28, 2010 PDF - 3pp, 498KB PDF - 4pp, 618KB
Key Activities in EPA's Integrated Urban Air Toxics Strategy Remain Unimplemented, Report No. 10-P-0154 [Report PDF - 44pp,455KB] [At a Glance PDF - 41KB] June 23, 2010    
Response to Congressional Inquiry Concerning EPA's Conduct Related to Draft/Proposed Legislative Amendments, Report No. 10-N-0148 [Report PDF - 9pp, 87KB] June 21, 2010    
EPA Maximized Competition for Recovery Act Grants under the National Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program, Report No. 10-R-0082 [Report PDF - 6pp, 106KB] [At a Glance PDF - 47KB] March 23, 2010    
Incurred Cost Audit of Three EPA Cooperative Agreements Awarded to National Tribal Environmental Council, Inc., Report No. 10-4-0067 [Report PDF - 46pp, 263KB] [At a Glance PDF - 41KB] February 17, 2010    
Lack of Final Guidance on Vapor Intrusion Impedes Efforts to Address Indoor Air Risks, Report No. 10-P-0042, [Report PDF - 23pp, 169KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 40KB] December 14 , 2009    
EPA Oversight and Policy for High Priority Violations of Clean Air Act Need Improvement, Report No. 10-P-0007 [Report PDF - 31pp, 290KB] [At a Glance PDF - 94KB] October 14, 2009    
EPA Needs an Oversight Program for Protocol Gases, Report No. 09-P-0235 [Report PDF - 33pp, 723KB] [At a Glance PDF - 96KB] September 16, 2009    
EPA Does Not Provide Oversight of Radon Testing Accuracy and Reliability, Report No. 09-P-0151 [Report PDF - 20pp, 234KB] [At a Glance PDF - 95KB] May 12, 2009    
EPA Region 8 Needs to Better Manage the Risk Management Program for Airborne Chemical Releases, Report No. 09-P-0130 [Report PDF - 26pp, 275KB] [At a Glance PDF - 42KB] March 30, 2009    
EPA Needs to Improve Its Efforts to Reduce Air Emissions at U.S. Ports, Report No. 09-P-0125 [Report PDF - 86pp, 932KB] [At a Glance PDF - 43KB] March 23, 2009    
EPA Can Improve Its Implementation of the Risk Management Program for Airborne Chemical Releases, Report No. 09-P-0092 [Report PDF - 50pp, 594KB] [At a Glance PDF - 95KB] February 10, 2009    
EPA Needs a Comprehensive Research Plan and Policies to Fulfill its Emerging Climate Change Role, Report No. 09-P-0089 [Report PDF - 36pp, 419KB] [At a Glance PDF - 50KB] February 2, 2009    
Improvements Needed to Validate Reported ENERGY STAR Benefits, Report No. 09-P-0061 [Report PDF - 49pp, 446KB] [At a Glance PDF - 48KB] December 17, 2008    
EPA's California Waiver Decision on Greenhouse Gas Automobile Emissions Met Statutory Procedural Requirements, Report No. 09-P-0056 [Report PDF - 5pp, 79KB] December 9, 2008    
Response to Congressional Inquiry Concerning EPA's Preparation and Provision of Information Regarding California Waiver Decision, Report No. 09-P-0043 [Report PDF - 9pp, 99KB] November 26, 2008    
EPA Has Initiated Strategic Planning for Priority Enforcement Areas, but Key Elements Still Needed, Report No. 08-P-0278 [Report PDF - 40pp, 403KB] [At a Glance PDF - 55KB] September 25, 2008    
Voluntary Greenhouse Gas Reduction Programs Have Limited Potential, Report No. 08-P-0206 [Report PDF - 40pp, 472KB] [At a Glance PDF - 49KB] July 23, 2008    
More Action Needed to Protect Public from Indoor Radon Risks Report No. 08-P-0174 [Report PDF - 44pp, 1016KB] [At a Glance PDF - 276KB] June 3, 2008    
EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation Needs to Improve Compliance with Audit Followup Process Report No. 08-P-0080 [Report PDF - 20pp, 311KB] [At a Glance PDF - 52KB] February 12, 2008    
Improvements in Air Toxics Emissions Data Needed to Conduct Residual Risk Assessments, Report No. 08-P-0020 [Report PDF - 72pp, 1.2MB] [At a Glance PDF - 46KB] October 31, 2007    
ENERGY STAR Program Can Strengthen Controls Protecting the Integrity of the Label, Report No. 2007-P-00028 [Report PDF - 53pp, 805KB] [At a Glance PDF - 113KB] August 1, 2007    
Ozone Transport Commission Incurred Costs Under EPA Assistance Agreements XA98379901, OT83098301, XA97318101, and OT83264901, Report No. 2007-4-00068, [Report PDF - 31pp, 469KB] [At a Glance PDF - 115KB] July 31, 2007    
Assessment of EPA’s Projected Pollutant Reductions Resulting from Enforcement Actions and Settlements, Report No. 2007-B-00002 [Report PDF - 44pp, 332KB] [At a Glance PDF - 51KB] July 24, 2007    
EPA Relying on Existing Clean Air Act Regulations to Reduce Atmospheric Deposition to the Chesapeake Bay and its Watershed, Report No. 2007-P-00009 [Report PDF - 23pp, 403KB] [At a Glance PDF - 52KB] Feb. 28, 2007    
EPA’s Oversight of the Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Program Needs Improvement, Report No. 2007-P-00001 [Report PDF - 78pp, 1MB] [At a Glance - 50KB] Oct. 5, 2006    
Progress Report on EPA’s Nonroad Mobile Source Emissions Reduction Strategies, Report No. 2006-P-00039 [Report PDF -36pp, 409KB] [At a Glance PDF - 52KB] Sept. 27, 2006    
Monitoring Needed to Assess Impact of EPA’s Clean Air Mercury Rule on Potential Hotspots, Report No. 2006-P-00025 [Report - 434KB PDF, 33pp] [At a Glance - 69KB PDF]
May 15, 2006    
EPA Can Improve Emissions Factors Development and Management, Report No. 2006-P-00017 [Report - 405KB PDF] [At a Glance - 73KB PDF] March 22, 2006    
EPA Office of Air and Radiation and Office of Water Can Further Limit Use of Level-of-Effort Contracts, Report No. 2006-P-00015 [Report - 249KB PDF, 22pp ] [At a Glance - 51KB PDF] March 15, 2006    
EPA Needs to Fulfill Its Designated Responsibilities to Ensure Effective BioWatch Program, Report No. 2005-P-00012 [Report - 586KB PDF] [At a Glance - 42KB PDF]
- Presentation on the BioWatch Report given to the Optical Society of America
[419KB PDF, 14pp]
March 23, 2005    
Substantial Changes Needed in Implementation and Oversight of Title V Permits If Program Goals Are To Be Fully Realized, Report No. 2005-P-00010 [Report - 906KB PDF] [At a Glance - 132KB PDF] March 9, 2005    
Progress Made in Monitoring Ambient Air Toxics, But Further Improvements Can Increase Effectiveness, Report No. 2005-P-00008 [Report - 1.9MB PDF] [At a Glance - 107KB PDF] March 2, 2005    
Review of Changes to the Atlantic Steel Transportation Control Measure, Report No. 2005-S-00005 [Report - 275KB PDF] [At a Glance - 121KB PDF] February 16, 2005    
EPA Needs to Direct More Attention, Efforts, and Funding to Enhance Its Speciation Monitoring Program for Measuring Fine Particulate Matter, Report No. 2005-P-00004 [Report - 1.1MB PDF] [At a Glance -107KB PDF]
February 7, 2005    
Additional Analyses of Mercury Emissions Needed Before EPA Finalizes Rules for Coal-Fired Electric Utilities, Report No. 2005-P-00003 [Report - 1.5MB PDF] [At a Glance - 37KB PDF]
- Statement of Nikki L. Tinsley on the OIG's Mercury Report
[33KB PDF]
February 3, 2005    
Review of Conflict of Interest Allegations Pertaining to the Peer Review of EPA’s Draft Report, "Exposure and Human Health Evaluation of Airborne Pollution from the World Trade Center Disaster,” Report No. 2005-S-00003 [Report - 639KB PDF] [At a Glance - 296KB PDF] November 4, 2004    
New Source Review Rule Change Harms EPA's Ability to Enforce Against Coal-fired Electric Utilities, [387KB PDF]
- Statement of Inspector General Nikki L. Tinsley on OIG NSR Report
September 30, 2004    
EPA and States Not Making Sufficient Progress in Reducing Ozone Precursor Emissions In Some Major Metropolitan Areas [411KB PDF] September 29, 2004    
EPA's Method for Calculating Air Toxics Emissions for Reporting Results Needs Improvement [501KB PDF] March 31, 2004    
EPA’s Homeland Security Role to Protect Air from Terrorist Threats Needs to be Better Defined [61KB PDF] February 20, 2004    
Letter responding to December 8, 2003 request that we investigate EPA's 2001 proposal to approve the extension of the ozone attainment date for the Dallas-Fort Worth non-attainment area based on impact of transported pollutants from the Houston-Galveston non-attainment area [32KB PDF] February 18, 2004    
Significant Modifications Needed To Ensure Success of Fort Worth Asbestos Demolition Method Report No. 2004-P-00002 [338KB PDF] December 19, 2003    
Decline In EPA Particulate Matter Methods Development Activities May Hamper Timely Achievement of Program Goals [333KB PDF] September 30, 2003    
Survey of Air Quality Information Related to the World Trade Center Collapse [1.37MB PDF] September 26, 2003    
EPA’s Response to the World Trade Center Collapse: Challenges, Successes, and Areas for Improvement, Report No. 2003-P-00012 [3.39MB]
Supplemental Appendices [PDF]
Inspector General's Personal Statement on World Trade Center Report [PDF]
August 21, 2003
August 21, 2003
August 22, 2003
Open Market Trading Program for Air Emissions Needs Strengthening [687KB PDF] September 30, 2002    
Consistency and Transparency in Determination of EPA's Anticipated Ozone Designations. Report No. 2002-S-00016 [116KB PDF] August 15, 2002    
Public Participation in Louisiana's Air Permitting Program and EPA Oversight [7.79MB PDF] August 7, 2002    
Logic Models Diagrams: Clean Air Design Evaluation Results. Report No. 2002-M-000013 [PDF] June 6, 2002    
Memorandum Report: Clean Air Design Evaluation Results. Report No. 2002-M-000013 [48KB PDF] April 23, 2002    
Evaluation Report: EPA and State Progress in Issuing Title V Permits. Report No. 2002-P-00008 [272KB PDF] March 29, 2002    
Final Report on Region III's Children's Health Initiative on the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) - (2000-P-00024) [PDF - 186Kb] September 28, 2000    
Report of EPA's Oversight of State Stack Testing Programs - (2000-P-00019) [PDF - 258Kb] September 11, 2000    
Idaho's Air Enforcement Program - (8100249) [Executive Summary], [PDF - 162Kb], [Agency Response - 32K]
September 30, 1998    
Consolidated Report on OECA's Oversight of Regional and State Air Enforcement Programs - (8100244) [Executive Summary], [PDF - 148Kb] September 25, 1998    
Region 10's Oversight of Washington State's Air Compliance and Enforcement Program - (8100094) [Executive Summary], [PDF - 100Kb] March 30, 1998    
Region 6's Oversight of New Mexico Air Enforcement Data - (8100078) [Executive Summary], [PDF - 72Kb] March 13, 1998    
The Effectiveness and Efficiency of EPA's Air Program - (8100057) [Executive Summary], [PDF - 259Kb] February 27, 1998    
Consolidated Review of Air Enforcement and Compliance Assistance Programs (7100306) [PDF - 152KB] September 30, 1997    
EPA Region 3's Oversight of Marylands Air Enforcement Data (7100302) [PDF - 112KB] September 29, 1997    
Validation of Air Enforcement Data reported to EPA by Massachusetts (7100305) [PDF - 317KB] September 29, 1997    
Region 6's Oversight of Arkansas Air Enforcement Data (7100295) [PDF - 205KB] September 26, 1997    
Audit of Region 9's Administration of the California Air Compliance and Enforcement Program (710246) [PDF] July 24, 1997    
Validation of Air Enforcement Data Reported to EPA by Pennsylvania (7100115) [PDF] February 19, 1997    
EPA's Air State Implementation Plan (6400100) [PDF] February 14, 1997    
Region 6's Air Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Program (6100309) [PDF] February 12, 1997    
Region 5's Air Enforcement and Compliance Assistance Program (6100284) [PDF] February 9, 1997    
Emission Factor Development (6100318) [PDF] January 31, 1997    
Development of Maximum Achievable Control Technology Standards (6100140) [PDF] 1996    
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