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Report Title Date Agency Response IG Comment on Response
Internal Controls Needed to Control Costs of Superfund Technical Assessment & Response Team Contracts, as Exemplified in Region 7 [At A Glance PDF - 137 KB] [Full Report PDF - 37pp, 909 KB] July 20, 2015    
CSB Complied With Reporting Requirements of the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act for Fiscal Year 2014 [At A Glance PDF - 135 KB] [Report PDF - 15pp, 529 KB] May 1, 2015    
EPA Complied With Improper Payment Legislation, But Opportunities for Improvement Exist [At A Glance PDF - 138 KB] [Report PDF - 20pp, 678 KB] May 1, 2015    
EPA Needs to Justify How It Is Using Title 42 Hiring Authority [Report PDF - 24pp, 731 KB] [At A Glance PDF - 138 KB] March 5, 2015 PDF - 3pp, 230KB PDF - 1pp, 184KB
Call Center: Contract Management Needs Improvement to Reduce the Risk of Overbilling [At A Glance PDF - 137 KB] [Report PDF - 19pp, 870 KB] Dec 23, 2014    
Ineffective Oversight of Purchase Cards Resulted in Improper Purchases at EPA OIG [Report PDF - 33pp, 1,021 KB] [At A Glance PDF - 136 KB] Nov 10, 2014    
EPA Needs to Improve Contract Management Assessment Program Implementation to Mitigate Contracting Vulnerabilities [Report PDF - 26pp, 756 KB] [At a Glance PDF - 174 KB] Sept 2, 2014 PDF - 3pp, 73KB PDF - 1pp, 186KB
Weak Management of a Climate Change Services Contract Creates Risk EPA Did Not Receive Services for Which It Paid [Report PDF - 34pp, 826 KB] [At a Glance PDF - 138 KB] May 30, 2014    
Increased Emphasis on Strategic Sourcing Can Result in Substantial Cost Savings for EPA [Report PDF - 24pp, 741 KB] [At a Glance PDF - 135 KB] August 26, 2014    
Weak Management of a Climate Change Services Contract Creates Risk EPA Did Not Receive Services for Which It Paid [Report PDF - 34pp, 826 KB] [At a Glance PDF - 138 KB] May 30, 2014    
EPA Needs to Continue to Improve Controls for Improper Payment Identification [Report PDF - 24pp, 250KB] [At a Glance PDF - 44KB] April 10, 2014    
Ineffective Oversight of Purchase Cards Results in Inappropriate Purchases at EPA [Report PDF - 24pp, 239KB] [At a Glance PDF - 44KB] March 4, 2014 PDF - 3pp, 172KB PDF - 1pp, 166KB
Internal Controls Needed to Control Costs of Emergency and Rapid Response Services Contracts, as Exemplified in Region 6 [Report PDF - 25pp, 255KB] [At a Glance PDF - 45KB] January 4, 2014 PDF - 2pp, 96KB PDF - 1pp, 122KB
Improved Contract Administration Needed for the Customer Technology Solutions Contract [Report PDF - 37pp, 359KB] [At a Glance PDF - 45KB] September 16, 2013    
Chemical Fume Hood Testing Improvements Needed to Reduce Health and Safety Risk to EPA Employees [Report PDF - 28pp, 816KB] [At a Glance PDF - 131KB] August 28, 2013    
Review of Hotline Complaint on EPA's Pre-Award Activities for Multiple Award Contracts at the National Computer Center [Report PDF - 10pp, 170KB] [At a Glance PDF - 43KB] April 15, 2013    
Opportunities for EPA-Wide Improvements Identified During Review of a Regional Time and Materials Contract [Report PDF - 47pp, 611KB] [At a Glance PDF - 123KB] April 4, 2013 Deputy Admin Final Dispute Resolution Decision PDF - 10pp, 2,321KB Materials Relating to OIG and EPA Legal Arguments PDF - 36pp, 1,378KB

Memorandum Relating to Final Dispute Resolution Meeting PDF - 3pp, 803KB
EPA Should Increase Fixed-Price Contracting for Remedial Actions [Report PDF - 43pp, 370KB] [At a Glance PDF - 44KB] March 28, 2013    
Corrective Action Plan Needed in Order to Fully Comply With the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery ActReport No. 13-P-0175, [PDF - 28pp, 235KB] [At a Glance PDF - 44KB] March 11, 2013    
New Procedures Aided Region 5 in Reducing Unliquidated Obligations Report No. 13-P-0145, [PDF - 23pp, 220KB] [At a Glance PDF - 44KB] February 13, 2013    
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Site Visit of the Diversion Ditch Repair Project at the Gilt Edge Mine Superfund Site, Lawrence County, South Dakota Report No. 12-R-0601, [PDF - 22pp, 409KB] [At a Glance PDF - 38KB] July 25, 2012 PDF - 4pp, 938KB PDF - 1pp, 165KB
Great Lakes National Program Should Improve Internal Controls to Ensure Effective Legacy Act Operations, [Report PDF - 30pp, 294KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 43KB] April 9, 2012    
EPA Should Improve Controls for Managing Contractor-Held Property, Report No. 12-P-0388, [Report PDF - 36pp, 269KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 37KB] April 3, 2012    
EPA Superfund Contract Initiatives and Controls to Reduce Fraud, Waste, and Abuse, Report No. 12-P-0320, [Report PDF - 54pp, 306KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 43KB] March 16, 2012    
Policies Needed for Proper Use and Management of Cost-Reimbursement Contracts Based on Duncan Hunter Act, Report No. 12-P-0320, [Report PDF - 27pp, 257KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 43KB] March 6, 2012    
EPA Can Improve Its Improper Payments Reporting, Report No. 12-P-0311, [Report PDF - 25pp, 225KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 38KB] March 1, 2012
Enhanced Coordination Needed to Ensure Drinking Water State Revolving Funds Are Used to Help Communities Not Meeting Standards, Report No. 12-P-0102, [Report PDF - 22pp, 225KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 37KB] December 1, 2011    
EPA Should Improve Policies and Procedures to Ensure Effective DCAA Audit Report Resolution, Report No. 12-P-0071, [Report PDF - 28pp, 234KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 44KB] November 10, 2011    
EPA Needs to Reexamine How It Defines Payment Recapture Audit Program, Report No. 11-P-0362, [Report PDF - 13pp, 101KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 38KB] July 19, 2011    
Hotline Allegations Unsubstantiated, but Region 7 Contract Administration and Award Issues Identified, Report No. 11-P-0217, [Report PDF - 19pp, 124KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 37KB] May 4, 2011    
EPA’s Small Business Innovative Research Awards Should Include Additional Certifications to Reduce Risk, Report No. 11-N-0199, [Report PDF - 17pp, 107KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 37KB] March 30, 2011    
EPA Can Improve the Use of Financial Monitoring Reviews for Recovery Act Superfund Contracts, Report No. 11-R-0081, [Report PDF - 19pp, 140KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 40KB] January 31, 2011    
EPA’s Contracts and Grants Workforce May Face Future Workload Issues, Report No. 11-R-0005 [Report PDF - 30pp, 202KB] [At a Glance PDF - 40KB] October 25, 2010 PDF - 3pp, 479KB PDF - 29KB
EPA Effectively Reviewed Recovery Act Recipient Data but Opportunities for Improvement Exist, Report No. 10-R-0234, [Report PDF - 24pp, 153KB] [At a Glance PDF - 39KB] September 27, 2010    
Steps Needed to Prevent Prior Control Weaknesses From Affecting New Acquisition System, Report No. 10-P-0160 [Report PDF - 28pp, 157KB] [At a Glance - 47KB] June 28, 2010    
Improved Data Integrity Needed for the Integrated Contracts Management System, Report No. 10-P-0144 [Report PDF - 24pp, 239KB] [At a Glance PDF - 87KB] June 14, 2010    
EPA Should Improve Its Contractor Performance Evaluation Process for Contractors Receiving Recovery Act Funds, Report No. 10-R-0113 [Report PDF - 22pp, 189KB] [At a Glance PDF - 41KB] April 26, 2010    
EPA Does Not Always Receive Adjustment Vouchers from Contractors, Report No. 10-P-0075
[Report PDF - 18pp, 132KB] [At a Glance PDF - 40KB]
March 8, 2010    
Plans to Migrate Data to the New EPA Acquisition System Need Improvement, Report No. 10-P-0071
[Report PDF - 12pp, 190KB] [At a Glance PDF - 102KB]
February 24, 2010    
EPA Can Improve Its Preparation and Use of Independent Government Cost Estimates for Superfund Contracts, Report No. 10-P-0065 [Report PDF - 25pp, 159KB] [At a Glance PDF - 40KB] February 16, 2010    
EPA Needs to Improve Cost Controls for Equipment Used during Emergencies, Report No. 10-P-0047 [Report PDF - 29pp, 193KB] [At a Glance PDF - 41KB] December 16, 2009    
Contractor Invoice Internal Controls Need Improvement, Report No. 09-P-0242 [Report PDF - 26pp, 291KB] [At a Glance PDF - 48KB] September 23, 2009    
EPA Did Not Properly Account for All Property for Implementing Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12, Report No. 09-P-0233 [Report PDF - 17pp, 231KB] [At a Glance PDF - 56KB] September 15, 2009    
EPA Should Stop Providing Estimates of Total Labor Hours to Contractors, Report No. 09-P-0229 [Report PDF - 15pp, 200KB] [At a Glance PDF - 96KB] September 9, 2009    
Assistance Agreement and Contract Recipients with Open Audit Recommendations May Affect Recovery Act Activities, Report No. 09-X-0196 [Report PDF - 36pp, 408KB] [At a Glance PDF - 48KB] July 14, 2009    
Open Audit Recommendations Affecting Recovery Act Activities, Report No. 09-X-0136 [Report PDF - 9pp, 119KB] [At a Glance PDF - 47KB] April 9, 2009    
EPA Plans for Managing Counter Terrorism/ Emergency Response Equipment and Protecting Critical Assets Not Fully Implemented, Report No. 09-P-0087 [At a Glance PDF - 42KB] January 27, 2009    
EPA Can Improve the Awarding of Noncompetitive Contracts, Report No. 08-P-0186 [Report PDF - 21pp, 539KB] [At a Glance PDF - 223KB] June 30, 2008    
EPA Should Further Limit Use of Cost-Plus-Award-Fee Contracts, Report No. 08-P-0093 [Report PDF - 25pp, 293KB] [At a Glance PDF - 58KB] February 26, 2008    
Progress Made in Improving Use of Federal Supply Schedule Orders, but More Action Needed, Report No. 2007-P-00037 [Report PDF - 16pp, 191KB] [At a Glance - 61KB]
September 20, 2007    
EPA Can Improve Its Managing of Superfund Interagency Agreements with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Report No. 2007-P-00021 [Report PDF - 34pp, 806KB] [At a Glance - 59KB]
April 30, 2007    
New Housing Contract for Hurricane Katrina Command Post Reduced Costs but Limited Competition, Report No. 2007-P-00015 [Report PDF - 20pp, 308KB] [At a Glance PDF - 61KB] March 29, 2007    
Interagency Agreements to Use Other Agencies’ Contracts Need Additional Oversight, Report No. 2007-P-00011 [Report PDF - 21pp, 212KB] [At a Glance PDF - 56KB] March 27, 2007    
Existing Contracts Enabled EPA to Quickly Respond to Hurricane Katrina; Future Improvement Opportunities Exist, Report No. 2006-P-00038 [Report PDF - 36pp, 362KB] [At a Glance PDF - 51KB] Sept. 27, 2006    
EPA Needs to Strengthen Oversight of Government Furnished Property, Report No. 2006-P-00035 [Report PDF - 15pp, 151KB] [At a Glance PDF - 58KB] Sept. 19, 2006    
EPA Needs to Better Implement Plan for Protecting Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources Used to Respond to Terrorist Attacks and Disasters, Report No. 2006-P-00022. Information on the initiatives in the full report is sensitive homeland security information and is not available to the public. [At a Glance - 59KB, PDF] April 26, 2006    
EPA Office of Air and Radiation and Office of Water Can Further Limit Use of Level-of-Effort Contracts Report No. 2006-P-00015 [Report - 249KB PDF, 22pp] [At a Glance - 51KB PDF] March 15, 2006    
Office of Underground Storage Tanks Has Improved Contract Administration, But Further Action Needed Report No. 2006-P-00012 [Report - 134KB PDF,10pp] [At a Glance - 51KB PDF] February 28, 2006    
Information Security Series: Security Practices - Integrated Contract Management System, Report No. 2006-P-00010 [Report - 171KB PDF, 15pp] [At a Glance - 59KB PDF] January 31, 2006    
Office of Acquisition Management Can Strengthen Its Organizational Systems Report No. 2005-P-00006 [Report - 349KB PDF] [At a Glance - 82KB PDF] February 17, 2005    
Response Action Contracts: Structure and Administration Need Improvement Report No. 2005-P-00001 [Report 381KB - PDF] [At a Glance - 28KB PDF] December 6, 2004    
The Office of Underground Storage Tanks: Contract Administration and Performance Measures Concerns Report No. 2004-P-00014 [445KB PDF] March 31,2004    
EPA Needs to Better Manage Counter Terrorism/Emergency Response Equipment [373 KB PDF] March 29, 2004    
EPA Can Improve Use of Federal Supply Schedules When Procuring Services [172KB PDF] September 29, 2003    
EPA Could Increase Savings and Improve Quality Through Greater Use of Performance-Based Service Contracts [854KB PDF] July 1, 2003    
Final Status of Preliminary Research Results on Improper Contract Payments Report No. 2003-2-00003 [31.6KB PDF] January 16, 2003    
Fair Act Reports Inventory 2002 [1.56MB PDF] November 14, 2002    
EPA's Lack of Oversight Contributed to Coordinating Committee for Automotive Repairs' Grant Management Problems [4.95MB PDF] August 22, 2002    
FAIR Act - Inventory of Commercial Activities for the EPA OIG [16KB PDF] November 15, 2001    
Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act - Annual Inventory of Commercial Activities FY 2000 [PDF] June 30, 2000    
Agency's Management and Oversight of Selected Contracts Awarded to a Major EPA Contractor (6100161) [PDF] 1996    
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