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Report Title Date Agency Response IG Comment on Response
Response to Congressional Request Concerning Political Interference in Release of Documents Under the Freedom of Information Act [Full Report PDF - 13pp, 670 KB] [At A Glance PDF - 134 KB] August 20, 2015    
EPA Should Update Guidance to Address the Release of Potentially Harmful Quantities of Asbestos That Can Occur Under EPA's Asbestos Demolition Standard
[Full Report PDF - 29pp, 1,205 KB] [At A Glance PDF - 333 KB]
Podcast: Overview with Michael Wilson (MP3 - 3.1 MBs, 4:29), Podcast Transcript
June 16, 2015    
To Ensure Greater Use of Scientific Equipment, the Office of Research and Development Should Use an Enterprise Approach to Property Management [Report PDF - 20pp, 724 KB] [At A Glance PDF - 137 KB] March 16, 2015    
EPA Needs to Improve Outreach and Communication About the National Pesticide Information Center's Role and Services [Report PDF - 16pp, 344 KB] [At A Glance PDF - 45 KB] Jan 7, 2015    
EPA Region 6 Mismanaged Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act Funds [Report PDF - 50pp, 1,457 KB] [At A Glance PDF - 231 KB] [Agency Response to Draft Report PDF - 61pp, 3.3 MB] October 9, 2014 PDF - 3pp, 661KB PDF - 2pp, 298KB
EPA's Risk Assessment Division Has Not Fully Adhered to Its Quality Management Plan [Report PDF - 20pp, 992KB] [At A Glance PDF - 180 KB] September 10, 2014    
No Indications of Bias Found in a Sample of Freedom of Information Act Fee Waiver Decisions But the EPA Could Improve Its Process [Report PDF - 38pp, 1,186KB] [At a Glance PDF - 132KB] July 16, 2014    
Briefing Report: Review of EPA's Process to Release Information Under the Freedom of Information Act [Report PDF - 21pp, 1,319KB] [At a Glance PDF - 179KB] May 16, 2014    
Implementation Plan With Cost Sharing Methodology Needed for Region 8 Senior Environmental Employee Work on Lead Risk Reduction [Report PDF - 16pp, 666KB] [At a Glance PDF - 43KB] September 24, 2013 PDF - 19pp, 2,872KB
PDF - 1pp, 172KB
PDF - 2pp, 297KB
PDF - 1pp, 104KB
The EPA Should Improve Monitoring of Controls in the Renewable Fuel Standard Program [Report PDF - 23pp, 479KB] [At a Glance PDF - 86KB] September 5, 2013    
The EPA Needs to Improve Timeliness and Documentation of Workforce and Workload Management Corrective Actions [Report PDF - 23pp, 232KB] [At a Glance PDF - 44KB] August 30, 2013
Quick Reaction Report: EPA Must Take Steps to Implement Requirements of Its Scientific Integrity Policy [Report PDF - 21pp, 558KB] [At a Glance PDF - 132KB] August 28, 2013 PDF - 10pp, 1,784KB PDF - 6pp, 127KB
EPA Needs to Improve STAR Grant Oversight [Report PDF - 31pp, 613KB] [At a Glance PDF - 89KB] August 27, 2013    
Internal Control Lessons Learned for Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Appropriations Act Funds, [Report PDF - 21pp, 511KB] [At a Glance PDF - 70KB] August 22, 2013    
EPA Can Better Address Risks to the Security of the Nation's Drinking Water Through New Authorities, Plans, and Information, [Report PDF - 29pp, 673KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 1304KB] August 21, 2013    
Limitations on the EPA's Authority Under the Safe Drinking Water Act Resulted in Unaddressed Concerns at a Tribal Drinking Water Plant [Report PDF - 11pp, 225KB] [At a Glance PDF - 44KB] July 2, 2013    
Improvements Needed in EPA’s Smartcard Program to Ensure Consistent Physical Access Procedures and Cost Reasonableness, Report No. 13-P-0200 [Report PDF - 52pp, 418KB] [At a Glance PDF - 43KB] Mar 27, 2013    
EPA Could Improve Contingency Planning for Oil and Hazardous Substance Response, Report No. 13-P-0152, [Report PDF - 28pp, 601KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 44KB] February 15, 2013    
Status of Corrective Actions in Response to 2008 Report, "Framework for Developing Tribal Capacity Needed in Indian General Assistance Program" , Report No. 13-P-0057, [Report PDF - 19pp, 210KB] [At a Glance PDF - 44KB] November 27, 2012 PDF - 4pp, 725KB PDF - 2pp, 266KB
EPA’s Office of Environmental Information Should Improve Ariel Rios and Potomac Yard Computer Room Security Controls [PDF - 17pp, 243KB] [PDF - 85KB] September 26, 2012 PDF - 5pp, 694KB (Initial)
PDF - 3pp, 481KB (Updated)
PDF - 1pp, 178KB
Alleged Misuse of Tribal Clean Water Act Section 106 Funds in EPA Region 8 Report No. 12-P-0453 [Report PDF - 21pp, 236KB] [At a Glance PDF - 37KB] May 4, 2012 PDF - 392KB PDF - 686KB
Office of Environmental Information Should Strengthen Controls Over Mobile Devices, Report No. 12-P-0427 [Report PDF - 28pp, 271KB] [At a Glance PDF - 37KB] April 25, 2012 PDF - 5pp, 245KB PDF - 4pp, 675KB
Improvement Required to Safeguard Enforcement and Inspection Credentials, Report No. 12-P-0328 [Report PDF - 15pp, 171KB] [At a Glance PDF - 38KB] March 9, 2012    
EPA Should Strengthen Records Management on Clean Water Act Section 404 Permit Notification Reviews for Surface Coal Mining, Report No. 12-P-0249 [Report PDF - 18pp, 251KB] [At a Glance PDF - 37KB] February 2, 2012 PDF 6pp, 1,183 KB PDF 2pp, 375 KB
Congressionally Requested Information on the Status and Length of Review for Appalachian Surface Mining Permit Applications, Report No. 12-P-0083 [Report PDF - 64pp, 660KB] [At a Glance PDF - 111KB] November 21, 2011    
EPA Needs Workload Data to Better Justify Future Workforce Levels, Report No. 11-P-0630 [Report PDF - 35pp, 222KB] [At a Glance PDF - 38KB] September 14, 2011    
Revisions Needed to National Contingency Plan Based on Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Report No. 11-P-0534 [Report PDF - 42pp, 954KB] [At a Glance PDF - 39KB] August 25, 2011 PDF 2pp, 629 KB (ORD)
PDF 3pp, 562 KB (OSWER - Initial)
PDF 2pp, 276 KB (OSWER - Second)
PDF 5pp, 295 KB (ORD)
PDF 6pp, 1,096 KB (OSWER - Initial)
PDF 4pp, 695 KB (OSWER - Second)
Office of Research and Development Should Increase Awareness of Scientific Integrity Policies, Report No. 11-P-0386 [Report PDF - 40pp, 768KB] [At a Glance PDF - 39KB] July 22, 2011    
EPA Should Further Connect the National Program Manager Process With Federal Guidance on Internal Control Risks, Report No. 11-P-0067 [Report PDF - 28pp, 163KB] [At a Glance PDF - 35KB] January 18, 2011    
EPA Needs to Strengthen Internal Controls for Determining Workforce Levels, Report No. 11-P-0031 [Report PDF - 40pp, 218KB] [At a Glance PDF - 41KB] December 20, 2010    
EPA's Revised Hiring Process Needs Additional Improvements, Report No. 10-P-0177 [Report PDF - 37pp, 240KB] [At a Glance PDF - 40KB] August 9, 2010 PDF-6pp, 1044KB PDF-2pp, 379KB
PDF - 1pp, 166KB (Second)
National Environmental Policy and Quadrennial Review Needed, Report No. 10-P-0140 [Report PDF - 40pp, 415KB] [At a Glance PDF - 41KB] June 8, 2010    
EPA's Office of Research and Development Could Better Use the Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act to Improve Operations, Report No. 09-P-0232 [Report PDF - 33pp, 383KB] [At a Glance PDF - 57KB] September 15, 2009    
EPA Should Use FMFIA to Improve Programmatic Operations, Report No. 09-P-0203 [Report PDF - 24pp, 303KB] [At a Glance PDF - 49KB] August 6, 2009    
Measuring and Reporting Performance Results for the Pollution Prevention Program Need Improvement, Report No. 09-P-0088 [Report PDF - 39pp, 340KB] [At a Glance PDF - 52KB] January 28, 2009    
Congressionally Requested Report on EPA Staffing Levels and Total Costs for EPA Facilities, Report No. 09-P-0080 [Report PDF - 33pp, 916KB] January 14, 2009    
Using the Program Assessment Rating Tool as a Management Control Process, Report No. 2007-P-00033 [Report PDF - 23pp, 232KB] [At a Glance PDF - 52KB] September 12, 2007    
Assessing EPA’s Efforts to Protect Sensitive Information, Report No. 2006-S-00006 [Report PDF - 12pp, 228KB] September 19, 2006    
Studies Addressing EPA’s Organizational Structure, Report No. 2006-P-00029, [Report PDF - 41pp, 341KB] [At a Glance PDF - 61KB] August 16, 2006    
PeoplePlus Security Controls Need Improvement, Report No. 2005-P-00019 [Report - 232KB PDF, 27pp] [At a Glance - 50KB PDF] July 28, 2005    
Office of Acquisition Management Can Strengthen Its Organizational Systems Report No. 2005-P-00006 [Report - 349KB PDF] [At a Glance - 82KB PDF] February 17, 2005    
EPA's Progress in Using the Government Performance and Results Act to Manage for Results [435KB PDF] June 13, 2001    
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