Semiannual Reports to Congress

This congressionally required report summarizes the areas we reviewed over six month periods, the progress that the Agency has made, and our recommendations to help the Agency improve.

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Semiannual Reports
May 2015 [2,783KB, 85pp]
Sept 2014 [3,060KB, 78pp]
May 2014 [6,903KB, 60pp]
Sept 2013 [2,445KB, 79pp]
May 2013 [876KB, 56pp]
November 2012 [1091KB, 68pp]
May 2012 [1033KB, 68pp]
November 2011 [1460KB, 72pp]
March 2011 [746KB, 68pp]
September 2010 [1MB, 70pp]
May 2010 [983KB, 82pp]
September 2009 [1.1MB, 84pp]
March 2009 [1.1MB, 80pp]
September 2008 [1.6MB, 72pp]
March 2008 [2.6MB, 72pp]
September 2007 [3.4MB, 77pp]
March 2007 [1.2MB PDF, 86pp]
September 2006 [1.2MB PDF, 61pp]
March 2006 [1.7MB PDF, 47pp]
September 2005 [1.3MB, PDF, 52pp]
March 2005 [806KB PDF, 49pp]
September 2004 [1.8MB PDF]
March 2004 [1248KB PDF] Erratum [31KB PDF]
September 2003 [1.21MB PDF]
May 2003 [720KB PDF]
September 2002 [297KB PDF]
  a) Audit Report Resolution [15KB PDF]
March 2002 [100KB PDF]
  a) Audit Report Resolution [20KB PDF]
September 2001 [348KB PDF ]
  a) Audit Report Resolution [72KB PDF]
  b) Appendix 1 -- Reports Issued [63KB PDF]
March 2001 [149KB PDF]
September 2000 [157KB PDF]
March 2000 [231KB PDF]
September 1999 [183KB PDF]
March 1999 [PDF]
September 1998 [351KB PDF]
March 1998 [PDF]
September 1997 [PDF]
March 1997 [PDF]
September 1996 [PDF]
March 1996 [PDF]
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