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Transportation and Air Quality

2001 Press Releases

Below are EPA press releases related to the Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ). If you are interested in all EPA press releases, please visit the EPA Newsroom.

Press Releases for 2001
December 21, 2001 Flexibility Provided To Refiners Producing Reformulated And Conventional Gasoline
November 29, 2001 Flexibility Granted To United Refining To Produce Low Sulfur Gasoline
November 29, 2001 Proposal To Ease Transition From Winter To Summer Grade Cleaner-Burning Gasoline
October 24, 2001 Agency Proposes Fuel Program Reforms To Benefit Consumers, Improve Air Quality
September 19, 2001 EPA Proposes to Reduce Pollution from Nonroad Vehicles
August 28, 2001 Temporary Relief Granted to Help Emergency Gas Supply Disruption in Midwest
August 20, 2001 Auto Emission Recalls on Jaguar XJ12 and XJS
August 15, 2001 EPA Awards Grants to Reduce Pollution from Transportation Sources
July 27, 2001 Green Diesel Engine Technology Meets EPA Rule for Cleaner Diesel Trucks and Buses
July 6, 2001 EPA Finalizes Program to Help Reduce the Cost of Gasoline in the Midwest
June 14, 2001 EPA Proposes Improved Availability of Service Information for On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) System
June 12, 2001 EPA Issues Decision on California Waiver Request
May 4, 2001 Refiners Have More Time to Produce Low Sulfur Gasoline While Preserving Clean Air Benefits
April 5, 2001 Greater Flexibility for States in Vehicle Emission Control Systems
March 15, 2001 EPA Makes Plans to Ease Transition to Summer Fuel
February 28, 2001 EPA Gives the Green Light on Diesel-Sulfur Rule
January 25, 2001 Over 13,000 Diesel Trucks Will Be Cleaner Nation-wide
January 11, 2001 Air Quality Guidance Issued to State and Local Governments

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