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Analytical Chemistry Laboratory


The Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (ACL), under the Office of Pesticide Programs, provides scientific, laboratory, and technical support through chemical analyses of pesticides and related chemicals.

Location: EPA's Environmental Science Center at Fort Meade, Maryland

The laboratory's responsibilities include:

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EPA National Pesticide Standards Repository

pesticide repository standards collection
Pesticide repository standards collection.

EPA's National Pesticide Standard Repository collects and maintains pesticide standards A samples of pure active ingredients or technical grade active ingredients for pesticides, and regulated metabolites, degradates, and related compounds. The repository strives to maintain an inventory of all pesticides currently registered in the United States. The repository also has an incomplete inventory of some pesticides not currently registered. Upon request, the repository distributes these standards to EPA and other Federal labs, State enforcement labs, and Tribal labs involved in pesticide enforcement, including tolerance reinforcement, verification of label claims, and investigations of pesticide use/misuse in support of the Agency's regulatory decisions for FIFRA and FQPA.

Some of the activities that require pesticide standards are as follows:

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