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Label Requirements for Antimicrobial Pesticides Used On Hard Surfaces

DIS/TSS-15 / March 24, 1981

Directions For Use

Labeling must bear directions for each recommended use. The directions for use must include the following:

  1. The major area(s) in which the product is recommended for use (e.g. homes, schools, hospitals).

  2. Identification of the type of surfaces, objects, or items intended for treatment (e.g. floors, walls, bathroom fixtures, surgical instruments), in addition to any description of surface composition (e.g. stainless steel, chrome, glass, vinyl).

  3. The necessity for removal of gross filth or heavy soil. In addition, instructions must be provided for thorough cleaning of surfaces prior to application of the product, unless the product has been shown to be effective in the presence of moderate amounts of representative soil. Cleaning instructions must be clearly separated from the directions for use of the product as an antimicrobial agent.

  4. If the product is to be diluted, the recommended use dilution and instructions for preparing it. The units of measure (e.g. tablespoons, ounces, quarts, gallons) to be employed in diluting the product must be given, and must be understandable to the user.

  5. The method(s) of application (e.g. "by sponge, mop, or spray" or "by immersion in the solution", followed by a statement such as "to wet all surfaces thoroughly").

  6. The contact time necessary for effectiveness. The directions must also indicate if, and how, the product should be removed from the surfaces after the recommended exposure period.

  7. The number of times or duration of time a prepared use solution may be used for immersable items (e.g. whether a fresh solution should be prepared for each batch or for each day's use if the solution does not become diluted or soiled, or whether the solution may be re-used for a given number o£ batches or for a given number of days).

  8. Additional instructions may be recommended by the applicant, or required by the Agency, as determined on a case-by-case basis.

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