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Label Requirements for Pesticides Used for Sanitation of Food Contact Surfaces

DIS/TSS-17 / Dec. 2, 1979

Directions For Use

Labeling must bear directions for each recommended use. The directions for use must include, but are not limited to*, the following:

  1. The major areas in which the product is recommended for use (e.g. restaurants, dairies, food processing plants).

  2. The identification of the types of hard surfaces, or objects, intended for treatment.

  3. The necessity for removal of gross food particles and soil by a pre-flush, or pre-scrape and, when necessary, pre-soak treatment. In addition, instructions must be provided for thoroughly washing the surfaces or objects with a good detergent or compatible cleaner, followed by a potable water rinse prior to application of the sanitizing solution.

  4. The recommended use dilution and instructions for preparing it. The units of measure (e.g. tablespoons, ounces, quarts, gallons) to be employed in diluting the product must be given, and must be understandable to the user. The concentration (ppm) of principal active ingredient (e.g. titratable iodine, available chlorine, active quaternary) provided by the recommended use solution should also be given.

  5. The method of application (e.g. immersion, flooding, spraying) to wet all surfaces thoroughly. Additional instructions for in-place sanitizing may be required (e.g. filling piping with the sanitizing solution).

  6. The contact time of at least 1 minute required for sanitization. The directions must also indicate if, and how, the product is to be removed from the surfaces after the recommended contact time. Instructions to drain the use solution from the surface and air dry are appropriate for product cleared for use on food contact surfaces under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. A potable water rinse must be recommended for removal of the use solution from the food contact surface under any other circumstances.

  7. For mechanical operations, the limitation that the prepared use solution may not be re-used for sanitizing but may be re-used for other purposes such as cleaning. For manual operations, the recommendation that fresh sanitizing solution should be prepared at least daily or more often if the solution becomes diluted or soiled.

*Additional instructions may be necessary for certain use patterns and/or categories of products to ensure safe and effective use of a product. Such additional instructions may be recommended by the applicant, or required by the Agency, as determined on a case basis.

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