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Label Requirements for Farm Premise Disinfectants

DIS/TSS-18 / Jan. 17, 1989

Directions For Use

The following label directions are required for farm premises disinfectants to permit their classification as non-food use products:

  1. Do not use in milking stalls, milking parlors, or milk houses (for phenolics, cresylic acid, and pine oils).

  2. Remove all animals and feed from premises, vehicles, and enclosures.

  3. Remove all litter and manure from floors, walls and surfaces of barns, pens, stalls, chutes, and other facilities and fixtures occupied or traversed by animals.

  4. Empty all troughs, racks, and other feeding and watering appliances.

  5. Thoroughly clean all surfaces with soap or detergent and rinse with water.

  6. Saturate all surfaces with the recommended disinfecting solution for a period of 10 minutes.

  7. Immerse all halters, ropes, and other types of equipment used in handling and restraining animals, as well as forks, shovels, and scrapers used for removing litter and manure.

  8. Ventilate buildings, cars, boats, and-other closed spaces. Do not house livestock or employ equipment until treatment has been absorbed, set, or dried.

  9. Thoroughly scrub all treated feed racks, mangers, troughs, automatic feeders, fountains, and waterers with soap or detergent, and rinse with potable water before reuse. DIS/TSS-18 17 Jan. 80 D DIS/TSS-18

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