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Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA):
ACQ - An Alternative to CCA

CCA Table of Contents

Description and Formulations of ACQ

ACQ is a water-based wood preservative that prevents decay from fungi and insects (i.e., it is a fungicide and insecticide). There are currently four AWPA standardized ACQ formulations, ACQ Types A, B, C, and D. The different formulations allow flexibility in achieving compatibility with different wood species and end use applications. All ACQ types contain 2 active ingredients which may vary within the following limits: copper oxide (62%-71%), which is the primary fungicide and insecticide, and a quaternary ammonium compound (29%-38%), which provides additional fungicide and insect resistance properties.

Applications of ACQ

Water-based preservatives like ACQ leave a dry, paintable surface. ACQ is registered for use on: lumber, timbers, landscape ties, fence posts, building and utility poles, land, freshwater and marine pilings, sea walls, decking, wood shingles, and other wood structures.

1 The American Wood-Preservers' Association (AWPA) is the primary standard-setting body for pressure-treated wood. To become standardized by the AWPA, preservative-treated wood must undergo a series of rigorous tests to ensure its durability.


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