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Terrestrial Models


Terrestrial Models Archive

T-REX Version 1.5.2 (Terrestrial Residue Exposure)

T-REX is used by OPP to estimate pesticide concentration on avian and mammalian food items.

T-HERPS Version 1.0 (Terrestrial Herpetofaunal Exposure Residue Program Simulation)

T-HERPS is a simulation model that estimates exposure to terrestrial reptiles and amphibians from pesticide use.

TerrPlant Version 1.2.2

TerrPlant is a Tier 1 model providing screening-level estimates of exposure to terrestrial plants from single pesticide applications.

SIP Version 1.0 (Screening Imbibition Program)

SIP is used by OPP to provide an upper bound estimate of exposure of birds and mammals to pesticides through drinking water alone.

STIR Version 1.0 (Screening Tool for Inhalation Risk)

STIR is used by OPP to estimate inhalation-type exposure based on pesticide-specific information.

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