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Publications from the Office of Pesticide Programs: Fact Sheets on EPA's Pesticide Regulatory Program

These documents are brief descriptions (2 to 4 pages) of various aspects of the pesticide regulatory process, or discussions of timely pesticide-related issues.

Antimicrobial Pesticides Products  735-F-98-023
Assessing Health Risks from Pesticides  735-F-99-002
Biopesticides 735-F-99-005-01
Container Containment Rule (PDF) (2 pp, 69K, about PDF) 735-L-09-001
EPA's 1998 Pesticide Product Label System (PPLS) on CD-ROM 735-F-98-026
EPA and FDA Streamline Food Packaging Regulations  735-F-98-024
EPA's Tolerance Reassessment Process  735-F-98-027
Federal Insecticide, Fungicide & Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) as amended by the Food Quality Protection Act 730-L-97-001
Good Laboratory Practice Standards 735-F-98-028
Highlights of the Food Quality Protection Act of 1996  735-F-98-029
Implementing the Food Quality Protection Act - Progress Report 735-R-99-001
Integrated Pest Management and Food Production  735-F-99-004
Integrated Pest Management Poster 735-H-92-001
Laws Affecting EPA's Pesticide Programs  735-F-98-030
New Approaches to Minor Uses  735-F-98-031
Organophosphate Pesticides: Food Crop Usage data on the Internet 735-F-99-008
Partnership for Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Brochure 731-F-01-005
Pesticide and Toxic Chemical Test Guideline Harmonization  735-F-98-032
Pesticide Reregistration  735-F-99-001
Primero Lea La Etiquita: Apprenda A Usar Los Pesticidas Sin Peligro (Learn to Use Pesticides Safely) - Poster 735H-01-005
Primero Lea La Etiqueta: Los Pesticidas Son Para Envenenar A Estos... No Estos (Pesticides are Meant to Poison These...Not These) - Poster 735-H-01-003
Reducing Pesticide Risk  735-F-98-036
Safety Precautions For Total Release Foggers  735-F-98-038
Screening and Testing Chemicals for Endocrine Disrupting Properties   735-F-98-019
Setting Tolerances for Pesticide Residues in Foods  735-F-99-003
Status of Chemicals in Special Review 738-R-98-001
Streamlining Registration of Antimicrobial Pesticides/1998-1999 EPA Progress Report (PDF), (36 pp, 93.6K, about PDF) 739-F-99-003
The National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC)     Exit EPA disclaimer 735-F-98-007
The Value of Countries Working Together to Regulate Pesticides and Food Safety (PDF) - Brochure (12 pp, 496K, about PDF) 735-K-09-001

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