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Committee to Advise on Reassessment and TransitionPaper #8

Cancer Risk Assessment Guidelines Used by OPP

What are Risk Assessment Guidelines?

History of EPA's Cancer Risk Assessment Guideline Development

  • The Mode-of-Action (MOA) framework, an analytic structure to assist in "ordering" information in a useful and transparent manner, in order to reach conclusions about whether or not the available data are sufficiently robust to describe the mode or modes of action at play in the cancer responses observed and to identify data gaps.
  • A discussion--expanding on, but consistent with, the 1986 and the April 1996 versions--on what the Agency would do with respect to dose response assessment (i.e., linear, non-linear, or both), depending upon the outcome of the MOA analysis.
  • Proposed guidance on how to interpret information, describe carcinogenic potential, etc., as it specifically pertains to children. (The report from the July meeting will be taken up by the SAB Executive Committee on June 16. At that time, the Agency will find out if the Executive Committee accepts the draft report, or asks that additional work be done. Their advice will contribute to the determination of the time line for completion of the revision activities.)

OPP's Use of the Cancer Guidelines

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