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EPA - USDA Committee to Advise on Reassessment & Transition

James Moseley
Deputy Secretary, USDA
  Linda Fisher
Deputy Administrator, EPA

Environmental/Consumer/Farmwrker Representatives
Carolyn Brickey, Institute for Environment and Agriculture (AZ)
Dr. Sarah Lynch, World Wildlife Fund (DC)
Adam Goldberg, Consumers Union (DC)
Shelley Davis, Farmworker Justice Fund (DC)
Erik Olson, NRDC (DC)

Academia/Public Health
Dr. Jose Amador, Texas A&M (TX)
Rob Hedberg, Weed Science Society (DC)
Mark Miller, American Academy of Pediatrics (CA)
Dr. Eldon Ortman, IPA to USDA (IN)
Dr. Mark Whalon, Michigan State University (MI)

Agriculture/Farmer Representatives
Dr. Lori Berger, California Minor Crops Council (CA)
Dan Botts, Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association (FL)
Dr. Hugh (Wally) Ewart, California Citrus Quality Council (CA)
William Lovelady, National Cotton Council (TX)
Dr. Cliff Ohmart, Lodi-Woodbridge Winegrape Commission (CA)
John Rigolizzo, Jr., New Jersey Farm Bureau (NJ)
Dr. Robin Spitko, New England Fruit Consultants (MA)
John Wallendal, Owner-Operator, Wallendal Supply (WI)
Dr. Michael Willett, Northwest Horticultural Council (WA)

Pesticide Companies/Trade Associations
Cindy Baker, Gowan Company (AZ)
Ephi Gur, Makhteshim-Agan of North America, Inc. (NY)
Robert Kiefer, Consumer Specialty Products Association (DC)
Dr. Janis McFarland, Syngenta Crop Protection (NC)
Jay Vroom, President, CropLife America (DC)

NACEPT Representative
Mark Greenwood, Esq., Ropes and Gray (DC)

Tribal/State/Local Government
Jamie Clover-Adams, Secretary, Kansas Department of Agriculture (KS)
Steven Rutz, Florida Department of Ag and Consumer Affairs and represents AAPCO (FL)
Paul Helliker, Director of Pesticide Regulation, California EPA (CA)
Ed Snetsinger, Pesticide Coordinator, White Earth Band of Minnesota Chippewa (MN)
George Wichterman, Lee County Mosquito Control District (FL)

Food Processors/Distributors
Dr. Steve Balling, Del Monte Foods (CA)
Margaret Wittenberg, Whole Foods Market, Inc. (TX)

Structural Pest Control
Robert Rosenberg, National Pest Management Association (VA)

Dr. Terry Troxell, Director, Plants and Dairy Foods and Beverages, FDA
Dr. Richard Jackson, Director, National Center for Environmental Health, CDC
Alternate: Dr. Richard Y. Wang

Joanne Rodman, Office of Children's Health Protection, EPA
Robert Springer, Director, Waste, Pesticides & Toxics Region V-EPA

International Observers
Claire Franklin, Executive Director, Health Canada
Dr. Carlos Santos-Burgoa, Director General de Salud Ambiental, Mexico

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