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Pesticide News Story: New & Improved Pesticide Registration Online Payment Option Available November 1

For Release: November 1, 2006

Effective November 1, 2006, Pesticide Registration Improvement Act (PRIA) fees may be paid online at www.pay.gov via credit card or electronic fund transfer. There are no additional charges for paying by credit card, but the maximum that may be charged is $99,999. There are no additional charges or limits for electronic fund transfers.

When a pesticide registration application is received, EPA’s Pesticide Program determines whether it is the type of action covered by PRIA and if so, which fee should be paid. There are 90 fee categories, each of which has a timeframe in which the Agency is to make a decision on the application. After the Agency determines the fee category, and thereby the fee, the Pesticide Program sends the applicant an invoice with the fee amount and instructions on how to pay. The invoice will now provide instructions on how to use this new payment option.

Currently, payments can be made only by check. Under PRIA, the registration decision timeframe begins when checks clear the bank, a fee waiver is granted, or 21 days, depending on circumstances. With this new, electronic payment option, payments can be made and processed faster, resulting in quicker pesticide registration decisions.

To submit a PRIA payment online, visit www.pay.gov. From the pay.gov home page, select "search by form name." From the next page, select "P," and then click on "Pesticide Registration Improvement Act Fee Payment" and complete the form, making certain to use the decision number and registration number on the invoice you receive from the Pesticide Program in the space provided.

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