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Pesticide News Story: National Pesticide Field Program Documents Now Available on the Web

For Release: April 11, 2007

EPA has posted on its Web site three documents that are designed to communicate the role of EPA's National Pesticide Field Program more clearly. The three documents are:

These documents are available on EPA’s Web site at http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/about/fieldprograms/fieldprograms.htm.

These documents explain the vital importance of a strong field program to help OPP accomplish its goals. EPA's National Pesticide Field Program is made up of the frontline implementation activities carried out by states, tribes, and EPA Regional pesticide experts and associated partners. Among other activities, this program helps protect agricultural workers; provides certification and training for users of some of the more hazardous pesticides to enhance competence and insure safe use; promotes protection of endangered and threatened species; collaborates in protecting the nation's water supplies from pesticide risk; and promotes comprehensive protection programs, such as Integrated Pest Management.

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