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Pesticide News Story: Final Registration Review Work Plans Available for Nine Pesticides

For Release: September 21, 2007

EPA has posted the Final Work Plans for registration review of the pesticides clofentezine, cyromazine, fenarimol, fomesafen, linalool, trichoderma species, triflumizole, paclobutrazol, and pyridate. These work plans are available through EPA’s Registration Review Status page. Click on the name of the pesticide and follow the link for the Final Work Plan under “Case Development: Underway,” which goes to the Final Work Plan in the Docket. The Agency did not establish a docket for pyridate because this pesticide does not have any active federal registrations and is in the process of being cancelled.

These work plans include the expected time lines for registration review. The plans also address any public comments on the Preliminary Work Plans in the Summary Documents in the initial registration review dockets, or any other comments on these dockets. The Summary Document provides information on (1) what EPA knows about the pesticide and (2) what additional risk analyses and data or information the Agency believes are needed to make a registration review decision. It may also be accessed from the Registration Review Status Page.

The Agency has begun to implement the new Registration Review program, under which it reviews each registered pesticide every 15 years to determine whether it continues to meet the FIFRA standard for registration. Changes in science, public policy, and pesticide use practices occur over time. The registration review program is intended to make sure that, as the ability to assess risk evolves and as policies and practices change, all registered pesticides continue to meet that statutory standard. The public phase of registration review begins when the initial docket is opened for each case.

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