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Pesticide News Story: Six New Registration Review Dockets Open for Comment

For Release: March 30, 2007

EPA has established dockets for six pesticides that are being reviewed under the Agency's Registration Review Program. Dockets for the following pesticides are open for public comment until June 26, 2007: clofentezine, cyromazine, fenarimol, fomesafen, paclobutrazol, and triflumizole. A seventh pesticide, pyridate, is no longer scheduled for registration review, and the Agency will not open a docket for this pesticide because it has no active federal registrations. Through Registration Review, EPA is reviewing all Agency-registered pesticides every 15 years to ensure that each pesticide performs its intended function without unreasonable adverse effects on human health or the environment. This program will ensure that as science, policies, and practices change, pesticide products in the marketplace can still be used safely.

Each docket contains a Summary Document that includes:

Information about the six new registration reviews is available in EPA's March 28, 2007, Federal Register notice and in the dockets for these pesticides at www.regulations.gov, and on EPA's Pesticide Registration Review Status Web page.

EPA opened the first registration review dockets for three pesticides (clomazone, hexythiazox, and lactofen ) on February 2, 2007, and is accepting comments on those dockets through May 3, 2007. The Agency plans to open dockets for 25 pesticide registration review cases in fiscal year 2007 and for 45 cases in fiscal year 2008. A four-year schedule for beginning registration reviews is available on the Agency's registration review Web site.

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