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Pesticide News Story: EPA's National Bed Bug Summit

For Release: March 18, 2009

On April 14-15, 2009, EPA will host the National Bed Bug Summit in Washington D.C.

Meeting participants will share information on topics including the expanding impact of bed bugs on the housing, hospitality, and other sectors; factors contributing to the growing problem; and the response of the public health community and government agencies. The meeting will provide a venue to communicate with others in the diverse community affected by the increasing problem of bed bugs. Participants will also identify ideas and options for bed bug prevention, control, and management; create strategies for outreach and education; and develop recommendations for action.

EPA's National Bed Bug Summit meeting is open to the public. If you are interested in attending, you do not need to register in advance of the meeting, and there is no registration fee. Seating is limited and available on a first-come basis. While no registration is necessary, we encourage you to RSVP so we can better estimate attendance and provide meeting updates. For information on the location and times of the meeting, please contact Karen Angulo (angulo.karen@epa.gov) by e-mail or telephone (703-306-0404).

This meeting is being held under the auspices of EPA's Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee.

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