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Pesticide News Story: New Policy Reduces Pesticide Pollution and Waste

For Release: October 14, 2009

Under an interim policy announced today, retailers and distributors of pesticide products may be allowed to repair minor damage to pesticide containers. EPA developed the interim policy to ensure that such repairs are consistent with federal requirements for pesticide registration, production, and labeling. By allowing minor repairs to containers, the policy would enable products to be used as intended rather than being disposed of.

According to one source, approximately five million pounds of consumer pesticide products may become waste each year in the United States due to damage to pesticide containers before the products can be sold by retailers. Sources indicate that the most commonly damaged pesticide containers are large plastic bags, such as those containing fertilizer/pesticide mixtures. By allowing damaged bags of pesticides to be patched, this new policy contributes to EPA’s long-standing policies of waste minimization and pollution prevention.

The interim policy has very specific requirements, including an application and review process. Each applicant's “minor repair program” must receive specific approval from EPA for that individual proposal. For more information on the interim policy, please see the Web site.

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