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Pesticide News Story: EPA Letter Reminds Pesticide Companies of Federal Pesticide Label Regulations and the Agency’s Position on Use of Terms Like “Professional Strength”

For Release: August 12, 2009

EPA has posted a recent letter regarding permissible product names and advertising for pesticide products. The goal of this letter is to remind pesticide producers and distributors of federal pesticide label regulations and the Agency’s process for addressing misbranded products, such as those with false and misleading statements.

The letter includes examples of statements that are considered false or misleading according to federal regulations (40 CFR §156.10(a) (5)). EPA further explains why it finds the use of the term “Professional” in product names, labeling and marketing to be false or misleading under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act and therefore unacceptable. Pesticides cannot be sold, distributed, and promoted with inappropriate words such as "Professional" and "Professional Grade" in product names and advertising. This applies to distributor products as well as the basic registered product. When distributor products contain claims that have not been accepted for the basic registration, the label is in violation of 40 CFR §152.132(d). Both the distributor and the basic registrant are liable for violations pertaining to the distributor product. The letter is available on EPA’s Web site.

EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) provides information on its Web site about the regulations that govern labels and advertising, along with tools for understanding how the Agency reviews pesticide labels.

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