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Pesticide News Story: Organic Arsenicals Amended RED Available

For Release: May 6, 2009

EPA has revised certain provisions of the 2006 Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) for the organic arsenical pesticides MSMA, DSMA, CAMA, and cacodylic acid. In the 2006 RED, EPA concluded that all uses of the inorganic arsenicals were ineligible for reregistration primarily because of risks to drinking water resources. Additional data received since 2006 supported a decision to allow reregistration of MSMA for use on cotton only, contingent on the development of confirmatory data. In February 2009 EPA reached an agreement in principle with the technical registrants and to address comments received during a public comment period. That voluntary agreement steadily removes from the market all organic arsenical pesticide uses, except the use of MSMA on cotton, for which confirmatory data must be received by August 2010. The agreement also implements new restrictions to protect drinking water resources. Phasing out these uses is expected to accelerate the transition to new, lower risk herbicides. For additional information, please see the Organic Arsenicals Web page. The Federal Register notice announcing these revisions is available at on the Web site.

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