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Pesticide News Story: New Soil Fumigant Toolbox Available on EPA Web Page

For Release: December 15, 2010

EPA has created a new virtual toolbox for information on soil fumigation, which is available at http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/reregistration/soil_fumigants/. The soil fumigants toolbox now provides easy access to a variety of soil fumigant training, outreach, and other resource materials for applicators and handlers, communities, state and local agencies, and others interested in understanding and implementing the current requirements for safe use of soil fumigants. Key features of the toolbox include safety brochures for handlers of soil fumigants, training modules on the new soil fumigant requirements, templates for soil fumigant management plans, and updated fact sheets on the soil fumigant mitigation measures and implementation schedule. New materials will be added to the toolbox as they become available during 2011.

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