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Pesticide News Story: EPA Launches Pilot Fragrance Notification Program

For Release: September 16, 2011

EPA is launching its Pilot Fragrance Notification Program and making available a guidance document for registrants seeking to add new or modify existing fragrances in new or currently registered pesticide products. The Pilot Program, which will be conducted for 2 years beginning September 19, 2011, is a process improvement effort intended to streamline the current process used to amend registrations when fragrance ingredients are added, removed or modified. This action is a follow-up to the 2007 Fragrance Notification Pilot Program and is very similar in conduct.

Under the Pilot Program, registrants will be able to self-certify and rely on the Fragrance Ingredient List. The FIL comprises more than 1,500 fragrance component ingredients contained in pesticide products previously reviewed and registered by the agency. These component ingredients have undergone an agency evaluation to determine their suitability for safe use as components of fragrances in nonfood-use pesticide product formulations. Only fragrances in which all of the components in the fragrance are on the FIL are eligible to participate in the Pilot Fragrance Notification Program. The Fragrance Ingredient List is available at http://www.epa.gov/opprd001/inerts/fmaingredient.pdf (PDF) (9pp, 111.89k PDF).

For more information about the Pilot Fragrance Notification Program, please see Guidance for Pilot Fragrance Notification Program at http://www.epa.gov/oppad001/regpolicy.htm#Guidance, under the Guidance/Guidelines Heading. This guidance document includes the eligibility criteria for participation, submission requirements and submission instructions. Certification forms and the audit procedure are also included.

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