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Pesticide News Story: EPA Lists Mouse and Rat Poison Products Subject to Cancellation

For Release: September 30, 2011

This fall, EPA is initiating regulatory action to cancel and remove from the market certain mouse and rat poison-containing products intended for use by consumers. After years of lead time, the manufacturers of these products have refused to voluntarily adopt risk mitigation measures that are necessary to protect children, pets, and wildlife.

To assist consumers in making informed purchasing decisions about household rodent control products, EPA is posting new information on its website including a list of the mouse and rat poison products that are subject to cancellation. Although these products may be legally sold and used until the cancellation proceedings are concluded, EPA has found that these products do not meet current Agency standards for protection of human health and the environment. See Mouse and Rat Poison Products Subject to Cancellation.

EPA encourages consumers, especially those with children and pets, to use mouse and rat poison products that meet the Agency’s new, more protective risk reduction goals. When used as directed on the label, these products can help consumers control household rodents while greatly reducing accidental exposure to children, pets, and wildlife. See New, More Protective Rodenticide Bait Station Products.

For further information, please visit Cancellation Process for Certain Rodenticide Products.

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