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Pesticide News Story: Calendex Software Available for Evaluation on EPA Website

For Release: March 16, 2012

In an effort to increase the transparency of how pesticide exposures are evaluated in the regulatory decision-making process, the EPA is making an evaluation version of  Calendex software available to the public for testing, review, and evaluation.  EPA uses Calendex to estimate risk by evaluating combined exposures and incorporates the probability of simultaneous exposures to pesticides across multiple pathways. These assessments help provide more precise exposure assessments to inform EPA’s pesticide regulatory decisions. This version is not intended to be used for regulatory decisions at this time.

This evaluation version of Calendex uses food and drinking water consumption data from USDA's What We Eat in America 2003-2008 and user-entered residue data to estimate dietary exposure. It is also able to incorporate probabilistic approaches to residential exposure and to combine residential and dietary exposures. 

We are interested in hearing your feedback on the software’s capabilities as well as its ease of use, so a discussion forum is available for users to comment at https://blog.epa.gov/deem/2012/03/calendex-discussion-forum/. Your feedback will help   refine the usability of the software for the public before we release a final version in the next several months.

To learn more about Calendex and download the software visit http://epa.gov/pesticides/science/calendex/.

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