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Pesticide News Story: Coming Soon! National Stakeholders Meeting on Honey Bee Health

For Release: October 10, 2012

The Environmental Protection Agency is participating in the National Stakeholders Meeting on Honey Bee Health on October 15-16. The meeting will focus on the primary factors affecting honey bee health, including: nutrition, pesticides, pests and pathogens, and bee biology and colony management. It is being hosted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture-led Colony Collapse Disorder Steering Committee and Pennsylvania State University. The EPA is part of the CCD Steering Committee, and together with USDA we look forward to receiving input from research scientists, beekeepers, agrochemical companies, state officials, non-governmental organizations and others who share our desire to improve honey bee health. Efforts from this meeting will help inform the focus and direction of the CCD Steering Committee’s actions to support honey bee health.

For more information on the National Stakeholders Meeting, please see http://ento.psu.edu/pollinators/events/the-national-stakeholders-meeting-on-honey-bee-health/

For more information on EPA’s program to protect pollinators, please visit: http://www.epa.gov/opp00001/ecosystem/pollinator/index.html

For more information on USDA’s program to protect pollinators, please visit: http://www.ars.usda.gov/News/docs.htm?docid=15572


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