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Pesticide News Story: New Enable the Label On-line Discussion Forum Topic: “New” on Pesticide Product Labels

For Release: September 6, 2012

The EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs has posted a new topic to Enable the Label, our online discussion forum. The current topic covers use of the term “new” on pesticide product labeling for new products or products that have changed. Generally, when the EPA has approved the use of “new” on pesticide labeling, we have allowed the term to appear for a period of six months following the approval of the labeling. Because there is often a delay between the time we approve labeling and when the product is first sold and distributed, the six-month period may lapse before the product is available to consumers. This means that despite EPA acceptance of the term “new” on product labeling, registrants may never be able to use the term.

The agency is considering changing its practice of approving the use of “new” and allowing registrants to use the term appropriately as it fits with their marketing strategies. We are interested in receiving comments from pesticide registrants, regulators, users and the general public. Comments will assist the agency in ensuring pesticide labeling provides accurate and non-misleading information to pesticide users.

Enable the Label provides informal comment opportunities to everyone interested in improving EPA-approved pesticide labels and encourages creative solutions to complex pesticide label challenges in an open and transparent environment.  If EPA believes a substantial change in current policy is warranted, the agency will provide the public with a formal opportunity to comment on the proposed change.

We invite you to regularly submit your comments and comment on others' ideas at http://blog.epa.gov/enablethelabel/.



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