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Pesticide News Story: Expanding Opportunities for Minor Crops: Crop Grouping Revisions Final Rule III

For Release: August 23, 2012

The EPA is revising the pesticide crop grouping regulations that allow the establishment of tolerances for groups of related crops. The revisions, published in an August 22, 2012, Federal Register Notice, expand the existing stone fruit and tree nut crop groups by adding new commodities, and establish new crop subgroups. The revisions will promote the use of crop groupings for tolerance-setting purposes and improve the availability of lower-risk pesticides for minor crops, both domestically and in countries that export food to the United States. This is the third in a series of revisions to the crop groupings.

This crop group rule is based upon two petitions submitted to the EPA by U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Interregional Research Project Number 4. The petitions and supporting monographs are available in docket EPA-HQ-OPP-2006-0766 at www.regulations.gov.


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