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Pesticide News Story: Minor Uses Web Page Updated

For Release: May 24, 2012

The EPA has updated its Web page for minor uses. The Minor Uses and Grower Resources Web page provides growers, registrants and other interested parties with information on the programs that the EPA is implementing to ensure safe pesticide tools are available for those who grow minor use crops. Minor use crops have fewer than 300,000 acres in production in the United States. The small acreage may provide insufficient economic incentive for pesticide companies (i.e., registrants) to keep their products registered for use on these crops, or to register new minor use pesticides.

The page was redesigned to include activities such as the crop grouping project, how to obtain a Codex Maximum Residue Limit, the MRL database and activities regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement and regional cooperation on tolerance harmonization. The revised Web page also provides easy, one-stop access to other related links, including the registration workplan, guidance on Pesticide Registration Improvement Act fee waivers, joint review activity, crop group tables and Canadian MRLs among others. This page will be revised and updated as new information becomes available. For more information, visit http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/minoruse/.

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