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Pesticide News Story: Now Online: Results of OPP’s Consumer Survey on Insect Repellent Product Labeling

For Release: April 25, 2012

The Office of Pesticide Programs conducted a national survey about insect repellents in 2011 to better understand how we might improve label information for these consumer products. The first part of the survey was used to understand why and how consumers purchase and use insect repellents, and what information consumers look for and understand on insect repellent labels. OPP then tested the usefulness of four potential marks that could be placed on the front of insect repellent labels as part of an effort to improve public health information on insect repellent labels. The marks showed how long a repellent may protect them from public health pests such as mosquitoes or ticks. The results of that survey are now available, and we invite you to check out the results of the consumer survey here. These results may help inform our future decisions and policies affecting labeling of insect repellents.


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