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Pesticide News Story: EPA Approves Soil Fumigant Phase 2 Labels

For Release: January 13, 2012

EPA has completed review and approval of nearly all soil fumigant product labels incorporating the second phase of mitigation measures required by the 2009 Reregistration Eligibility Decisions (REDs) for the soil fumigants methyl bromide, chloropicrin, metam sodium/metam potassium, and dazomet.

New risk reduction measures include buffer zones and related measures that will help protect workers and bystanders from exposure to potentially harmful airborne concentrations of these pesticides.

This represents a major step toward full implementation of the risk mitigation measures outlined in the 2009 REDs.

Measures added to labels in the first phase of implementation included Fumigant Management Plans (FMPs), good agricultural practice requirements, and new worker protection measures among other things. Phase 1 labels were approved in 2010.

Existing stocks of products bearing Phase 1 labels may be sold and distributed by registrants until December 1, 2012. After that date, only products bearing the newly approved labels may be sold or distributed by registrants. Distributers and retailers who are not registrants may sell and distribute products until their supplies are exhausted. Likewise, growers and applicators may apply products bearing old labels until those supplies have been exhausted.

The newly approved labels will be available through the Pesticide Product Label System (PPLS) (www.epa.gov/pesticides/ppls) within a few weeks as the labels are processed and entered into the system.

Visit the Office of Pesticide Programs' Soil Fumigant Toolbox, www.epa.gov/pesticides/reregistration/soil_fumigants/ for more information about soil fumigants and new requirements for their safe use.

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