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Pesticide News Story: New Protocol Streamlines Development of Storage Stability and Corrosion Characteristics Studies for Some Pesticides

For Release: November 30. 2012

The EPA has developed a new test protocol that will, for some pesticide products, reduce the time and costs involved in conducting a one-year study required to fulfill the agency’s data requirements for pesticide registration and re-evaluation. Pesticide registrants are encouraged to consider this protocol as an alternative to the 830.6317 Storage Stability and 830.6320 Corrosion Characteristics guideline study protocols.

The new accelerated study, which takes only 14 days to conduct, provides adequate data in some circumstances to allow the EPA to make a regulatory finding regarding the stability of a pesticide product and the effect of the formulation on the product packaging.  An agency pilot program last summer demonstrated that there were no significant differences between the test results from the new accelerated test protocol and the existing test protocols which take one year to complete.  The Office of Pesticide Programs’ Science Policy Council reviewed the new protocol and determined that it provides high-quality data.

Not all products and materials, however, are suitable for the new accelerated study protocol because it tests pesticides at an elevated temperature of 54 degrees C.  Registrants must consider the physical and chemical properties of their pesticide products and determine whether the new accelerated protocol or the one-year study is appropriate.

If the EPA finds that a 14-day study following the new protocol is acceptable, then storage stability testing for the product is complete.  If a 14-day study demonstrates product instability or is performed with a product that is deemed unacceptable for this protocol, then a full one-year study will be required.

Details of the new test protocol are available in the EPA’s November 16, 2012, document, Accelerated Storage Stability and Corrosion Characteristics Study Protocol, available on the agency’s Web site at http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/regulating/data_requirements.htm.

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